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 An Invasion (Open)

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An Invasion (Open) Empty
PostSubject: An Invasion (Open)   An Invasion (Open) EmptyTue Feb 06, 2018 11:56 am

Dark clad individuals were entering the village. They wore headbands that had an unknown symbol on them. There were many foot soldiers, several elites and 2 that was more powerful than all of them combined, a man and a woman. The foot soldiers were dressed in a plain black garb, possessing the usual ninja tools; kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs. The several elites, 4 in number, had armor on over their black garbs, and possessed more elaborate weapons, such as katana blades and specialized Kunai.

The 2 powerful beings, who were simply standing back watching their lowers invade the village had on customized clothing. The man, handsome and well built, looked arrogant, cocky; like he'd never lost a battle. The woman, beautiful with a developed physique, was provocative and flashy. She had an assertive expression, and seemed like she used her good looks to her advantage. Neither of them looked like the types to dirty their hands in battle with lower shinobi in the streets, leaving this job to the lower tier.

Village ninja were doing their best to defend against these invaders, but many were being cut down, and left to bleed out in the streets. The invaders looked to be winning... until a strange song could be heard playing. It was a beautiful melody that was soothing to the ears. Many of the foot soldiers strangely began to turn on each other. Instead of village ninja and innocent civilians, they began to clash with their own. The elites and the 2 leaders both looked surprised. The longer that the song went on, the more of the foot soldiers turned on each other. It got to the point that all of the invading forces were now fighting each other. Village ninja furthered the process of them taking themselves out.

The elites weren't so weak minded that they would fell for this obvious genjutsu, and covered their ears. People began to evacuate and run away. There was one who stayed behind, dressed in dark clothing himself, from head to toe. There was a hood over his face that his his featured from view. A Hanagakure headband hung around his neck, showing his affiliation to the village. He didn't look to be armed, and with his hands in his pockets he casually began walking towards the 4 elites while the remainder of the foot soldiers killed each other...

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An Invasion (Open)
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