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 A New Life [Keishi, or Invite]

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A New Life [Keishi, or Invite] Empty
PostSubject: A New Life [Keishi, or Invite]   A New Life [Keishi, or Invite] EmptyTue Jan 23, 2018 7:32 pm

RP Post #: 1

...Did the drunken fool really thing he could win?...

”I’ll tell ya what! You win this next hand I’ll.. I’ll… I’ll give you Jihi! No strings attached! Haha!”, her father’s drunken words still echoed through her mind as if he had just said them. There had been no sympathy or compassion, but she wasn’t fooling herself – there never was. Even as she had been forced to serve the food, the drinks, and wait on her father’s every whim and need, she was in agony – something he knew well, haven’t been the one who had made her like this. The last beating had been the worst she had ever suffered; a beating she had ‘earned’ when she had asked about being able to join the Academy only to be told no – but her curiosity had gotten too great and she had gone to have a look anyway only to end up dragged home: no amount of screaming had made it stop, no amount of pleading, in the end as agony had taken over she had simply laid there and wished for death. When death didn’t come she had simply dragged herself to her bedroom, unable to walk, and had barely managed to make it on her bed. It had taken three days for the servants to realize she wasn’t getting out of bed – that she couldn’t – before someone had bothered summoning a doctor.

The very doctor her father had just lost a game to. Not only the very doctor, but the Joutenkage himself. He had healed her far better than any other doctor in the village could have, but a spine was a delicate area, and she required rest and relaxation. Things her father made a show of not giving her in front of the very man who had told him exactly that. But, this was what her father did – a show of power, a way to tell the Joutenkage indirectly that in his house he made the rules, even if his daughter had to suffer agonizing pain because of it, or worse the threat of becoming paralyzed.

...What will happen to me now?...

The mixture of pain and fear left her trembling where she had stood as she watched her father lose the most current round of the game; losing it entirely. Her life given away in a game of chance. And now she belonged to another. A buzzing had started up in her ears that drowned out everything else as she had backed away until her back hit a wall, a pained grunt escaping her lips even as she wrapped her arms protectively around herself. She couldn’t stop staring at the table, staring at the loss. It took her a moment to even realize her bastard father was speaking to her, ”Go on, go get your shit and get out. Don’t you dare take anything my money bought you either.”

In a sort of numbness she obeyed, not mentally but physically, her body obeying the action because in this house it was obey or be beaten and she knew she couldn’t survive another. Even as she knew not what was going to happen to her she couldn’t help but enter into her room with tears rolling down her cheeks. She found herself glancing around: the room was barely furnished, just an old bed and worn mattress with thin blankets, a half broken chair and desk, and a single lamp. Clothing were piled in the corner but they were no better off than the furniture: old and worn. Even still she knew not to grab them. Instead she went over to her desk and picked up the one thing that did belong to her: Groot, her plant, a tree spirit. She had found the creature injured and had nursed him back to health: thankfully given he was a plant his appearance wasn’t questioned.

...This is all I have…

With Groot and the small pot of earth he resided in clutched to her chest she made her way slowly out of the bedroom, feet shuffling as it hurt to take a single step. Even from the hallway she could hear her father muttering about being cheated, but she knew it wouldn’t make a difference: he had lost fair and square, everyone knew it, including her sisters who had all been around and watching – while also giving the Joutenkage the eye, hoping to catch his.

As her father looked up, his eyes narrowing in on her as if she were something nasty within his home, she protectively wrapped her arms around the plant, clutching it tightly to her chest as if afraid he might take it. It was a good thing too, as his hand automatically twitched towards it before he caught himself and pulled it back. Her sisters whispered among themselves as they watched, but Jihi made no sound at all. Instead, she simply stared at the floor, clutching the single possession she owned to her chest as if terrified someone might take it away, with tears rolling down her cheeks and dripping off her chin to the floor, body trembling from a mixture of pain and fear. She waited in silence for the Joutenkage to leave, unable to bring herself to look at him – though, this was normal in a way, she never stared at more than the floor, as it was simply the way her father had raised her – she had long ago been told she was unworthy of looking someone in the face, no more different than the servants who were likely already stripping her room bare to put it for better use.

Word Count: 945
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PostSubject: Re: A New Life [Keishi, or Invite]   A New Life [Keishi, or Invite] EmptyTue Jan 23, 2018 9:12 pm


That was his thoughts about the light brown liquid being lightly swirled around in the wine glass. The alcohol being served was cheap, criminally so. <3 thanks Whenever the liquid touched his tongue, and drained into his stomach, it burned more so than it should. And there was a distinct burnt taste that his tongue easily picked up. Whoever brewed this did a poorly job, and it would not surprise him if the individual did it on purpose. For, as evident in this case, there will always be someone gullible enough to buy the cheap substance. One only need to use honey sweet words to sell anything to the masses. And he knew quite a few people who could sell the clothes off their back while making a fortune from them.

Dismissing those thoughts away from the time being, Keishi focused on the man sitting across from him. Having already forgotten the individual’s name, not like it was important in any case. The individual was clearly drunk, having drowned himself in the cheap alcohol throughout this occasion. It was maybe because of the alcohol that the individual started bragging about his gambling skills. telling him, the Joutenkage, about how he can beat anyone in any game. That there is no one who was better at gambling then him. Keishi, like the polite individual he was, listened to the rambling, and showed faux-interest. It was only when the man started bragging about being fearless, not being afraid to put up anything on the line because he knew that he would never lose.  Keishi’s interest peaked more when the man mentioned that he bet his youngest daughter, Jihi, on the next hand.

Jihi. Out of all of the man’s children, she was the only one who intrigued Keishi moreso than the others. While the others would no doubt being a decent cocksleeve, there was just something about the small child which made him readily agree to the bet. Though, as he watched the drunk man sign a contract, signing away all rights of Jihi, Keishi gave some thought on why he was doing this for the child. It only when he remembered the lousey state he found her in, having been called by some maids, and the apparent sign of abuse from her father and siblings, did realize why he was doing this for someone he had no interest in . . sexually. Though it helped the girl looked younger than his youngest toy, and that he knew her exact age. It would only be three years from now before he could sink into her young flesh - being the first and only male to do so.  Just the thought caused a spark of arousal to run through him that was quickly snuffed out

Till then though, as the cards were dealt, his eyes made contact with the other girls who were had been vying for his attention. Flashing them a quick smile, his eyes sparkled with warmth and kindness. A far cry from his mind which was thinking about destroying each one of them - turning them into nothing more than a cum dumpster for others. He had to bite back a snort when he thought about having their father watch as each daughter was treated like a slut by him or a henge clone(s). To see the look of horror on the man’s face as he comes home to his little girls being filled to the brim with cocks while the whole thing being recorded. Maybe the recordings could be passed out to the man’s friends, boss, and co-workers? Surely they would like to see the depravity of his daughters? Maybe. . .maybe he will do just that. If anything, he would be getting a couple of fucks out of it? And not like he couldn’t relive the experience through the recording. But before any of that could happen, he had a game to win. . .

And just like that, a life was an exchange, but unlike in most situations, this one did not go to the afterlife but became the possession of another. “We are on agreement, yes? Jihi now belongs to me. And as per signing of the contract is no longer considered your child. You have forfeited all parental rights to her. As far as the world is concern, Jihi is my child.”, Keishi’s deep voice resonated throughout the living room - cutting through the other man’s shock of losing. Hearing a painful grunt, Keishi’s snapped his head in Jihi’s direction. A frown marring his face even as a duplicate of himself shimmered into existence like a phantom finally revealing itself to the human’s eye. “Go along with her to gather her belongings. It matters not what she can’t bring. We will be taking her shopping for an entirely new wardrobe, toys, and other things she might want. She is our child now. Our princess, and will be treated as such.”, the words being spoken loud enough for everyone to hear as the clone bent down for Jihi to climb on his back, and asked her to point towards her room. Unknowingly to all but Keishi, the clone used the close proximity to place Jihi under a genjutsu which numbed any pain as medical chakra was circulating throughout her body, fixing any and all injuries. The clone would also comfort the young child like any father would.

“Nice playing with you.”, Keishi spoke, his comment being somewhat cheeky in nature as he finished off the alcohol. Even as the man gave him a death glare there was nothing that could be done for Keishi won fair and square, plus plotting against a Kage is bad for one’s health. Hearing footsteps, Keishi stood up from his seat, smiling as he saw Jihi side by side his clone with a potted plant in hand. He did not show any surprise at the feeling of chakra surging through the plant. He had some theories of what it might be, but, that could wait for later.

“I hope you are not narrowing your eyes at my child. For need, I remind you that attacking a Kage’s child is a serious offense that will lead to your death? No? Good. Check your attitude when dealing with my child.”, the words came out sharp with a hidden vileness in them that caused the other man to shiver, and apologize for his behavior. Keishi only nodded at such statement before focusing on Jihi who found the floor interesting.

Walking up to the child, he kneeled down, “Look at me, little one.”, his voice is soft and inviting, waiting for Jihi to do so. “You are my child now. Forget whatever that man taught you. Never look down for you are worth more than that. Always look up and forward for in my eyes are you my equal.” Gingerly his right hand reached out to wipe away her tears. “Come Jihi. Let me give you a lifetime of happiness.” Standing up, he reached out for her to grab his hand, and in during so, accepting the new life.

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PostSubject: Re: A New Life [Keishi, or Invite]   A New Life [Keishi, or Invite] EmptyWed Jan 24, 2018 9:08 am

RP Post #: 2

...I don’t know what I’m more afraid of: my father or the unknown…

“We are on agreement, yes? Jihi now belongs to me. And as per signing of the contract is no longer considered your child. You have forfeited all parental rights to her. As far as the world is concern, Jihi is my child.”, the Joutenkage’s words repeated themselves over and over again through her mind as she stared at the table, a mixture of shock and fear and confusion rising up within her mind and heart. She was torn on how she should feel, and it showed even as she had backed herself up into the wall – the grunt of pain nothing more than a mask to what she was really going through - then again, screaming in pain and agony had never made it any better.

It was almost impossible for the young girl to put into words how she was feeling: she was terrified of the man who had nearly broken her back and who had beat her for most of her life, but he was the devil she knew. She knew what to expect, and when to expect it from him. There were no surprises when it came to him anymore – whether he was sober or drunk like he was now. But the Joutenkage… she hardly knew. She knew he took care of the entire village a job which definitely couldn’t have been easy, and she knew that when the servants had finally realized something was wrong he had been the one to come and heal her. He had not been mean or cruel to her, and it had been the first time in fact that anyone had been so kind and caring. He was said to be the strongest person in the village, and that there was no one else like him.

...He’s going to buy me things?…

The Joutenkage’s words in response to her father’s own caused her molten gold colored gaze to snap up for just the briefest of seconds before returning to the floor once more; surprise being added to the utter confusion her emotions were otherwise in. He mentioned buying her things, both what she needed and what she wanted. He called her his Princess, and mentioned that she would be treated as such. A tiny spark of hope lit up in her heart: she was by no means a greedy child who wanted or desired things, but the idea of being treated better than she had been for ten years certainly made her think that perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Yet she still couldn’t help but feel a bit afraid. She was leaving all that she had known for the past ten years of her life. Still, perhaps it wouldn’t be bad – it was the thought she clung to even as she climbed onto the clones back: something she would have been amazed at seeing had she not been in pain. Yet, even as she pointed towards her bedroom she felt the pain suddenly gone, as well as the lightest of tingling sensations up her spine that spoke of her back being healed: Medical Ninjutsu had always fascinated her, and despite the awful beating she had received the day she had tried to take a peak at the Academy it still did.

By the time she returned walking beside Keishi’s clone she couldn’t help but feel better despite the tears still clinging to her cheeks. She was still a bit worried and afraid of the unknown factors in all of this, but she was fairly hopeful it would work out for the best. As she listened to the Joutenkage’s words, keeping her gaze on the ground for fear of seeing the violence that likely showed in her father’s face, she couldn’t help but feel a bit… elated. He couldn’t hurt her. He couldn’t lay a hand on her from what the Joutenkage was saying: if he did so he faced death. As the child of a Kage she was in many ways off limits to everyone. The words scared her father, that much she could tell with the way he went about apologizing, but it seemed almost as if the Joutenkage paid him little mind as before she knew it she could see him kneeling in front of her.

...How easily just a few words can change everything...

His words as she lifted her head and looked up at him resonated within her, and like a sleeping beast it seemed as if something were slowly awakening within her. She wasn’t to look down at the floor anymore, but up and forward: not a lesser but an equal. The spark of hope seemed to flare into a full blown inferno within the Senju’s molten gold eyes: a better life, a better existence.

“Oh look, that sounds like a lovely present doesn’t it Jihi? And its your birthday too!”, one of her sisters called, her voice sickly sweet, too kind, far too fake. Yet it reminded Jihi of what she had forgotten: today was her birthday, she was officially ten years old. But, it meant little to her than any other birthday had - while she knew families to celebrate their children’s birthdays her parents had completely ignored her own, and it was simply something she expected to happen at this point.

Just as she was reaching forward, more than willing to take the man’s hand she noticed a shifting nearby as one of her sisters came closer, her face was nearly green with envy and jealuosy, and she had the look of someone scheming on her face. “Take us too, please? He’s so horrible to all of us...It’s really awful.”, the young lady spoke in a sickly sweet voice - a girl who had never experienced a day of pain in her life suddenly playing the victim, going so far as to pout and attempt to look sad after she had finished speaking.

Jihi looked at her sister, meeting her gaze head on for the first time in her life and more than able to pick up on the hatred there, before closed the distance between her own hand and the Joutenkage’s: this was so much more than just holding his hand, it was agreeing to this and she knew it, and she was more than willing to follow this man to the ends of the world. The moment her hand would slip into his a small, male, child-like voice spoke up from her arms, ”I...am…Groot.” With large eyes Groot stared up at the Joutenkage, a tiny little arm extended as if he too wanted to hold hands or perhaps even shake hands. ”I am Groot.”, the tree spirit repeated once more, proud of his first full sentence. Jihi thought nothing of it as a smile spread across her face, lighting her eyes up even further with the happiness that had been slowly growing: Groot had never bothered speaking to anyone but her before, and she took it as a good sign that the tree spirit was making its awareness known to the Joutenkage.

...And then chaos erupted…

The blood curdling scream of terror erupted from her sisters mouth even as she all but threw herself backwards in an attempt to get away from the small talking tree-plant: and she wasn’t the only one, all of her older siblings backed away and even her father flinched back as if the plant might suddenly sprout horns and start attacking everyone. Groot raised twig like hands, covering where his ears clearly would have been on his head had he actually had them before pulling himself from the soil he had been resting in, climbing up Jihi’s shirt and clinging to the material on her chest.

It was then she saw it, her sister reaching for one of the decorative statues that her father had lined the tables and fireplace with; made out of a heavy wood. She threw it, and JIhi’s response was immediate and instant and so natural it was if the tiny little tree spirit were her child instead of just her friend. Her arms shifted around the tiny twig like body even as her own body turned, sheltering Groot from what was headed his way with her own body. She was no stranger to pain, and despite knowing that if that statue hit her it would definitely hurt it was a better option than it hitting innocent Groot who would have been seriously injured or worse killed.

Word Count: 2,405
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PostSubject: Re: A New Life [Keishi, or Invite]   A New Life [Keishi, or Invite] EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 11:28 am

Though he did not make any outward reaction, Keishi did noticed when Jihi’s eyes snapped in his direction. She might have thought that the action was quick enough to not be seen, maybe to the other occupants in the room, but not for Keishi. The Joutenkage saw all, especially anything that happened in his vicinity. Yet he would not make a big deal at her reaction. His eyes never wavering from those of the drunken man who he was speaking to. For while the words he spoke was directed at all, it was mainly towards the sorry excuse of a man before him. He letting Jihi’s former father know that she will not suffer the atrocities done to her in this household now that she is his daughter. That Jihi will be treated like she was supposed to. But, there was something else about those words spoken, that anyone within the political field could catch on. There, hidden amongst a normal statement, was a warning to Jihi’s father that the kage is now aware of what goes on, and had been happening within the household. And for now on, there will be eyes watching the house in case something else like this arises.

You poor child . . .

Despite his actions, of gulling the man into a high-stakes game, where the outcome would be the exchange of a life, Keishi felt bad. He did not feel bad for winning another individual through gambling. No, he has done this more than a few times throughout his lifetime. The only difference is, this time around, he did not have to put up one of his own as a prize as well. Not like it would have been a problem if he did; there were a few members in his estate was roughly around Jihi’s age, or old enough to partake in certain activities, if that what the drunken man fancied. No, what he felt bad about was thrusting such an innocent and pure child into his world. A world that will very much taint the innocent, though not before he does so himself. Yes, no one else will get to taint this one. She will belong to him in mind, body, and spirit. But, he could not taste her yet. Like a fruit, her maturity was a little ways off. But when it happens? He will be there the moment she ripens enough to be pluck by him. For if there was something he enjoyed a lot was taken what he wanted for another second after maturity. And just like that, he did not feel guilty anymore.

He briefly wonder is this the first time anyone had talked to Jihi’s former father in such a manner, if the latter taking out his aggression on the former once behind closed doors? From the lookup elation on her face, it seemed that way. The mere thought caused him to become annoyed with the man before him. While he admits to being rough with those in his care, he usually heals them afterwards, unless they did something to really piss him out. There have only been a few cases where he never healed someone in his care with those individuals learning the lesson quickly.

However, if the last time he came here, to heal Jihi, was any indication that it means the man cared not about the amount of injuries inflicted upon her nor about her well-being. At the time, he did not bat an eyelash. But now? Now that Jihi belongs to him? That changes a lot. No harm would come to Jihi by her former fatherless the man had a death wish. And even then, the man would not be granted such an easy way out of life. No, Keishi would personally make sure death would be the least of his concerns, if the man does anything to upset or hurt Jihi in any way. Briefly flickering over to his clone, still standing by Jihi, though slightly a front of her, shielding her way from her former father. Unlike the original though, the clone was leaking and directing a subtle dose of killer intent at the drunken man. Just enough for him to be even more wary of Keishi.

There it is . . .

The molten golden hues of her. The same ones where he only manages to briefly catch earlier. As he stared into her eyes, the color of a precious metal, he watched them go from a dull to shiny gold. His sword seemingly renewing her with hope for tomorrow, and what the future brings. His words breathing life into her once more. Letting her know that she is worth more than whatever her former father had deemed her. That, in the eyes of Keishi, she was an equal, therefore, should never look down ever again. Seeing the hope restored, Keishi smiled warmly.

Yes, it is sweeter than you would ever know. . .

Keishi eyes snapped towards the one who has spoken - rudely interrupting a conversation between him and Jihi. he did not know who the teenager believes she was fooling with such a terrible act. It was blatantly apparent that Jihi’s sister did not care about the young child. Turning his eyes back to the young, he smiled softly, “Today’s your birthday, eh? Guess you will be getting presents today.”, briefly, he pondered on something before speaking again, “We can celebrate it. I am not a terrible cook, so I can bake you a cake and whatever else you want.” he spoke. One thing he did with everyone in the manor was celebrating their birthday, only the young ones go cake though, the older ones got something far more pleasurable. Jihi would have to wait three years before she can experience that.

Just as Keishi were about to grab Jihi’s outstretched hand. she had accepted his proposal, the same teen before interrupted the moment. Instead of showing anger, he simply smiled in at her. The act causing the girl, and her sisters, to blush. “Really? He has been treating you all horribly?’, he did not believe a word of what was spoken, “If that is indeed the case why are you just now bringing this up? If he was so horrible to you then why didn’t one of you come forward earlier?” Before he could give them a chance to properly respond, he spoke once more, “While I can’t do anything right now. I will have Anbu station around the estate to keep you guarded till something can be worked out. How does that sound?”

Unknowingly to all, except for Keishi and his clone, was the sinister thoughts of the Joutenkage. While he could wait for Jihi to reach maturity, he did not see any harm in partaking in dining on her sisters. The same sisters who, according to the other servants, let Jihi get punished in their stead, and is generally mean to the girl. It is about time the girls’ get a dose what mean can be like in the form of Keishi. He was going to destroy each one of them in mind, body, and spirit. By the time he is through with them, they will flinch at the sight of another man, especially their father. They shall experience fear just like Jihi had, but on a grander scale. And once he had his fun with them? He will ensure their father will never see daylight, and turn his daughters into nothing more than a  common street whore - not before Keishi had all his fun with them though. Maybe he could move them in a house on a piece of property, not near his main estate? This way he has a private place to do what he pleases with them without Jihi stumbling over it.

A smile formed on his face when Jihi took the initiative and grabbed his hand. His larger hand dwarfing hers, but holding it with a gentleness unbecoming of his statue. Keishi did not appear to be surprised when the plant started talking - introducing itself as Groot. The Joutenkage had some suspicion regarding the plant, and they were just now confirmed. “Nice to meet you, Groot.”, in a near-comical fashion, Keishi gingerly shook the plant’s hand. The smile on his face growing as he noticed one on Jihi’s as the plant repeated it’s name. That being the first smile he had seen from Jihi since he had met her.

If Jihi wasn’t present, Keishi would have shoved a cock down the screaming teen’s mouth. Or, better yet, force her to do anal without lube, that surely give her something to scream about. The girl was loud, and Keishi was looking forward to plugging her mouth with his cock. Shake those thoughts away, lest he wants to get a hard-on, and given the girls something to swoon about, he looked at the situation at hand. Seeing one of the girls having the audacity to throw something at Jihi, granted it was at the plant, but still, Keishi jumped into action; stepping in front of Jihi and taking the hit, watching the statue shatter against him.

A deadly silent fell on the room as the sisters realized what they just did. “Well. . .”, The single word causing Jihi’s former father and sisters to flinch. The single word carrying the weight if an anvil. “Did you just try to harm, my child?’, the last part being emphasized as he looked the perpetrator who was now visibly shaking, and then at the father. Brushing off pieces of debris from his body, “What did I say early about touching my daughter? While you had no part in their behavior. I am going to use your parenting logic. Do you know what that means? I tell you. I am going to punish you, in front of your daughters, in the hope they will learn a lesson.” there was something dark about that statement which caused the drunken man to cry as his thoughts went rampant on what the Joutenkage was going to do to them. Turning his attention to the one who thrown it, “What is your name?”, he inquired, “For don’t think you are off either.”

Once he said that leaving the family shaken, he turned his attention to Jihi, kneeling down a front of her. “Are you and Groot, okay?", he inquired, wanting to make sure both were uninjured.

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PostSubject: Re: A New Life [Keishi, or Invite]   A New Life [Keishi, or Invite] EmptyThu Jan 25, 2018 1:37 pm

RP Post #3

...It was as if the universe was within her and had suddenly shifted to make everything right and perfect as it should be…

If anyone had asked the moment it occured Jihi wouldn’t have known the answer, she wouldn’t have been able to explain how she had gone from upset and terrified to suddenly feeling at peace and happy. She wouldn’t have been able to explain the moment that she became perfectly okay with the idea of going with Keishi. It had just happened. What was more was the fact that there was something else building too: an emotion that she couldn’t quite remember ever experiencing aside from what she was much younger. Yet, even with having gone so long without it she knew what it was: love. It wasn’t yet strong, but it was there and able to be felt - an emotion that came from the kind words and gentleness that Keishi had shown her: things that not even her own parents had shown her in nearly seven or so years - not since the fateful day when she was three years old and had done something to anger them - something that had been so horrific in their eyes but in which her own still confused her to this day.

She found herself shaken from her thoughts as Keishi’s attention returned to her, and she shrugged her shoulders in mild confusion before glancing to the calendar on the wall to confirm it: yes, it was indeed her birthday. Tilting her head to the side and brows furrowing a bit it took her several seconds to break her gaze away and return her molten gold hues back to Keishi, where she then nodded her head in confirmation. ” I guess it is my birthday. I didn’t notice…” She stopped herself there, staring off in the distance and not really looking at anything in particular, not wanting to put into words the thoughts in her head: her birthday was the only one in the house not celebrated - her sisters, her father, her mother all had their birthdays celebrated, and even the servants too to an extend, but never her. However, when Keishi mentioned that they would celebrate it she found herself focusing back on him and feeling that spark within her grow just a bit more. ”We’ll celebrate my birthday... ?”, she questioned, confused on whether she had heard that correctly or not. ”I like cake, will you teach me how to bake one… I’ve always wanted to learn.”

...Always trying to take advantage of a good thing, always trying to use people…

Jihi hadn’t really been surprised by her sisters trying to take advantage of the situation, in fact she would have been more surprised had they not - it was in their nature to do exactly like that. They had learned it from their father, he himself always tried to take advantage of people and to use them to his benefit in one way or another. So they too did the same. What was interesting though was the fact that even to little Jihi it was clear that her new father wasn’t buying it. Unlike most men who would have instantly melted like ice on a hot summer day at their words and faked sadness it seemed he wasn’t moved. If anything he offered to station Anbu around the property to ensure nothing else would happen.

It was almost evil though in a way, as she found herself hoping that he wouldn’t buy into their pleas and their lies. Almost evil as she stood there hoping that even if something did happen, even if her father started beating all of them the same way he had done to her for years, that her new father wouldn’t in fact end up taking them in, too. These were the types of thoughts she had never allowed herself to have before, she had once heard that if you thought about something enough you were likely to act on it, and she hadn’t wanted to make her beatings any worse. But now… now she could allow them to an extent because she would be leaving this house, leaving it and never coming back if the words spoken were any indication. Not that she would voice them though - at least not yet, she was still too afraid to put that darkness into words.

...I just want to get as far away from here as possible…

Jihi was more than ready to leave as she watched the smile form on her new father’s face after she had taken his hand. His hand was so much larger than hers and yet there was a gentleness in his touch unlike any she had experienced before. For being the strongest ninja in the village, but being so much larger than her, he handled her with a kind of ginger gentleness that was surprising and welcoming at the same time. It was sadly something she could never remember her biological father doing before, or her mother for that matter. It caused the smile on her face to grow even further, something which was only helped by the way he shook Groot’s hand. Groot himself was elated, clapping his hands before covering his ears as her sister began to scream in terror.

With her back to the attack it took her a moment to realize that the statue didn’t hit her - though she had certainly heard it hit and shatter. Slowly, gingerly even, she turned her head, relaxing her shoulders which had been hunched up as she had winced and prepared herself for the pain she was sure she would feel. It took but a split second or two to realize that Keishi had moved himself into the path of the thrown object, that it was him which it had hit so that it wouldn’t hit her.

He had protected her. He had done what no one else in her life had ever done for her. It was at that point that the spark of love she had felt grew even further, causing a mixture of other emotions to form within her as it did so: happiness that someone cared, yet concern because he had been attacked.

...From chaos came the deadly calmness…

It was as if something had sucked all of the noise out of the room as silence fell. Her golden hues snapped from her one individual to another before coming to rest on Keishi as she listened to him speak. He had warned them, he had made it quite clear what would happen if someone had tried to hurt Jihi, and yet her sister had lost her head when Groot had spoken. As the thought of her little tree spirit friend crossed her mind she looked down to find him clutching tightly to her shirt, his eyes screwed shut tight and buried into her chest. Gentle she hugged the small twig-like form, running a finger gently over the spirit’s head tenderly, trying to comfort the little innocent being while she listened to Keishi speak: he was going to use her biological father’s logic against him, but it seemed as if her sister wouldn’t be getting out of this either.

If Jihi was perhaps older, or perhaps not the pure and innocent soul she was, she likely would have got a great deal of enjoyment in the idea of her father and sister being punished, of them having to suffer. She would have got off on the fact that they were all shaken to their core: terrified of what was going to happen to them now - especially her father at the idea of being given a dose of his own medicine in a manner of speaking - appropriate really. Yet, she didn’t - she only wanted to leave. As she listened to her sister stammer out the response of “...S--Sayuri.” little Jihi’s gaze shifted to the front door: she didn’t want to witness might be about to happen to them, she only wanted to leave. She wanted to be away from those who had tormented her for so long.

Yet, as as Keishi kneeled down in front of her her molten gold gaze snapped back to him, concern showing within it: not for herself but for him. At his question she nodded her head before looking down at Groot for a moment who unburied his face from her chest and looked at Keishi too before nodding in response as well. ”We’re okay… but are you? That sounded like it hurt…”, came her sweet voice as she turned her attention to Groot and back to her new father, that same genuine concern still showing in her beautiful hues as before: true concern, true worry, a caringness that wasn’t the fake sort her sister had tried to pull off only moments ago. She was really worried. She couldn’t tell where the statue had hit him, but that didn’t stop her from looking and being worried, so much so that the thoughts of wanting to leave left her mind for the moment.

Word Count: 3,950
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Never again. . .

Keishi’s eyes followed the movements of Jihi. As the young girl looked at the calendar, and came to the realization, something pointed out by one of her sisters, that today was her birthday. While a normal child would never forget such a day, always looking forward to it, that did not appear to be the case for Jihi. There was this calmness and apathy around her when she confirmed what today was. It seemed like she did not care about her birthday. In a way, her whole demeanour was disheartening to see in someone so young. A birthday should be special to them. It being the one where they could indulge in all types of sweets to their heart content because it was their day. The one time out of the year were they could get away with stuff, parent(s) being more lenient on them, because the day being a special one. Yes, in a way, seeing such a small child showing such apathy towards their special day was disheartening.

It did not take him knowing much to realize while she did not care about such a day. If the actions unearthed her follow was any indication, he doubted the man celebrated his youngest daughter’s birthday. Taking a quick glance at the occupants in the room, Keishi would not be surprised if the one birthdays celebrated in this house was of the father, mother, and older siblings. If the man was willing to beat his youngest for the actions of his oldest, along with the treatment seen earlier, he doubted the man would celebrate Jihi’s birthday. The drunken man probably saw her as nothing but trash. To be abused at his will, but not to the extent people would get suspicious. He did not see her as an human, but rather something lower than that. Equality for the young child was probably none existence. None of which was surprising to Keishi; he having seen his fair share of people who acted and treated those in their care in a similar fashion.  He even bought some of those individuals.

Yes, among other things

One of his large hands came and rested on her head and gently began to rub it, “of course, we will celebrate your birthday. Why would we not? It is a special day for you. Afterall, it was the day you came into the world.”, he spoke with a smile on his face, “We will celebrate all of your birthdays for here out. And I promise you, that you will receive presents on each one of those days.” There was no deceit within his words. He truly was going to make sure each and every one of her birthdays was celebrated. He would not be like her drunken father, and not celebrate those days with her. He was going to make sure she makes memories of them all.

Though, he could not wait for her thirteenth birthday. He knew exactly what he had planned for Jihi. She was going to officially be his in every sense of the word. Even now, he can see her withering under his ministration. His large fingers spreading and widening her young, tender, and untouched sex. Preparing the tight opening for the intrusion of something way bigger. The cute mews and whimpers that would escape her lips as she tries to adjust to the invasion. And once she was ready? He would take her as his. Splitting her folds with his large shaft, taking her virginity. For the whole day, neither would leave the room, unless necessary, while he indulges himself on her sweetness. By the time the next day came about? She would permanently become a resident of his room. Being the only one who got the luxury to sleep in his bed for more than a few hours. She would be where he could reach her whenever he pleases. Having her body whenever he desired her. Yet, she would not be treated like the rest. He would not be rough with her unless asked. He would not abuse her with clones unless she desires. He would treat her like a queen. For the day he takes her virginity. The day he makes her cum with his shaft. The day he paints her sex with his seed? That will be the day she becomes his queen and future bearer of their legacy.

“I will teach you how to bake a cake. We can get started on that once we get home. I already ingredients needed for a few different types of cakes home. How does that sound? Do you want to help make and bake your birthday?”, he asked. Though what left unsaid, was he would be teaching her a lot of things, especially the closer it got to her birthday. He would be teaching her things that no man should ever teach a child, but, the image of Jihi trying to bob on his manhood, dismissed any feelings he might have about not going through it the plan. Who cares if she would be doing this an hour or so before midnight? It was midnight somewhere in the Elemental Nations.

You will do for now. . .

Keishi’s eyes fell on the teenager who had interrupted the conversation between him and Jihi. While it seemed like he was simply staring at the white-haired girl’s emerald eyes, he was in fact mentally undressing her. Stripping away the clothing she wore all the way down till she was completed naked. He soaked in her rather small bust that his hands would undoubtedly cover. He imagined she kept her sex either shaved or neatly trimmed. He imagined that there was a tattoo on her lower back; a nice tramp stamps for those who were plowing into her to look at.

He imagined she probably was terrible at given oral. Probably never having done it before - it being something beneath her. She would rather have to guy to perform the act on her than to return the favor. She would not get that luxury with him. He would force her to take his entire length down her throat. Punishing her mouth till she is able to please him with her oral skills alone.

Only afterward, once pleased, would he move onto the main course, and that be reshaping her pussy for only his cock. Just like he did with some of his slaves, he would break her to the point where she could only get off by using his shaft. No matter who else she would be with. None would be able to please her like he did. He would make damn well sure she becomes an addict. An addict that would do anything to have his cock inside of them. Was it cruel? Yes, but this is who Keishi was when the time called for it. Though, what might have made it worse was his thoughts on his plans for Jihi in the future had gotten him somewhat aroused. And rather than going home and have a slave to take care of it, an opportunity presented itself.

Yes, I am going to break you, and make your father watch. . .

Having seen the attack coming, Keishi did not hesitate in moving in front of Jihi and her friend, taking the full force of the assault. He did not feel anything when the statue shattered against his body. The pieces which make up the figure falling harmlessly to the ground. Brown eyes stared into the frightened ones of the teenager, the same white-haired youth who interrupted him earlier. Leaving from the shaking woman, he sweeps across the others in the room, all showing similar signs of shaking. He almost snorted when he noticed the drunken man seemed suddenly sober now. Even in his drunken stupor, the man seemed to realize the error made.

While speaking, Keishi loosened the restraints held on his presence, allowing Jihi’s family to feel a small dosage of it for a split second. The effect was immediate. With the father and sisters flinching away whenever his eyes landed on them. They dared to attack his daughter after he had made it perfectly clear that doing so would result in a severe punishment. Yet, the girl, now identified as Sayuri, had the nerve to attack his child. All of them were going to be punished, but first.

Keishi noticed that Jihi was looking forward the front door. It did not take him long to figure out what she wanted. The young girl wanted to leave this place. A place of pain and mistreatment. She wanted to be free from it all. At least, that is what Keishi assumed she wanted. Kneeling before her, he scanned over her body, making sure nothing was wrong with her, even as she said she was fine. He did not want to take any chance with his precious princess. A smile appeared on his face, and he playfully ruffled her hair at her question regarding his health, “I am fine. I didn’t even feel the stature when it hit me.”, he spoke softly. “Asides, what kind of leader would I be if I could not protect such a cute little girl?” he asked, trying to ease the child’s worries.

Standing up, Keishi grasped Jihi’s hand in his and snapped his fingers as five Anbu, each one wearing a different mask(dog - rat - tiger - bear - duck) shimmered into existence, “These five anbu witnesses all that has transpired here.”, he spoke, his voice resounding loudly throughout the room, making Jihi’s family shake when they realized there were others that saw what happen, “And by my orders, you all will be placed in a holding cell as you await your punishment for striking a kage’s child.” He ignored their shouts of protests as they were all blindfolded and transported out of the room, and into a holding cell.

Of course, that was not exactly true. For while they were indeed going into a cell, it was one Keishi used for other uses. Each family member, asides from Sayuri, would be changed up against on an individual metal pole. There being a pole in each corner, and one a front of the large bed where Sayuri would be placed on. This is where they would receive their punishment.

Seeing the Anbu leave with the prisoners, Keishi turned his attention to Jihi, “Are you ready to go?”, he asked, moving towards the front door, and outside to freedom, once she gives an answer.

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...How strange to be touched in such a way…

There was something to be said about the amount of trust she had for a man whom she barely knew. The fact that when he reached over to ruffle her hair she didn’t flinch back in fear speaking volumes on how comfortable she was around him already. She couldn’t help but to smile, and to giggle, as he responded to her that he was fine and that he couldn’t even feel the statue when it had hit him despite having done so hard enough to shatter and fall to the floor in pieces. When he went on to calling her cute a blush immediately tinted her pale cheeks, and her left hand went up to cover her mouth with another far louder giggle than the last time - the first time anyone had ever paid her a compliment in her life.

As he stood up and took her hand once more she felt rather than saw Groot adjust, climbing up to her shoulder carefully, her free hand automatically moving to rest beneath him in case he happened to fall. Once up and on her shoulder the small tree spirit sat there, holding onto the collar of the plain white dress she wore; a dress nearly grey from having been washed and worn so much, and which was covered in colorful patches cut from other scrap pieces of cloth to fill holes and tears which had come from years of wear.

...Look at how much trouble your ignorance has got you into…

If she was older there would have been a sweet justice that she would have felt upon Keishi snapping his fingers and the masked individuals appearing. Yet, she was too young and too innocent to be that jaded. Instead, she was mildly curious, and a tad bit afraid as she watched her old family get taken away to face whatever punishment awaited them. She didn’t even want to ask: she was far too afraid to know. Even for someone such as herself who had been denied entrance to the Academy she knew it was foolish and downright stupid to attack a Kage or a member of his family, and despite having been warned about such her former sister had lost her temper and done so anyway. That was what being a spoiled brat did though, it made you think you could get away with things you otherwise wouldn’t - a lesson taught by her father to her elder sisters which was now catching up to all of them in a twisted and dark sort of way.

...I’m more than ready to leave this Hell house and start over somewhere else..

As Keishi’s attention shifted to her she looked from the spot her former family had stood moments ago and focused her attention back onto the man whose hand she still held. At his question she nodded her head immediately, something which the small tree spirit upon her shoulder imitated. Jihi was more than ready to leave, more than willing to leave this chapter of her life behind and to start over somewhere fresh and new: a much better life.

The sun had to inevitable set on such a perfect close to the first day of her new life..

As the sun began to set within the sky, coating it in a beautiful array of pinks and oranges and purples, Jihi couldn’t help but feel both happy and exhausted. Their trip to the market after leaving behind a house of hell and horror had been eventful to say the least. Despite all of the willingness Keishi had had to buy her things she had been quite shy and withdrawn about the whole ordeal. It had taken her quite a while to catch on to the idea that it was okay for her to want things - something she had long ago stopped herself from doing. But, even then, she had chosen outside of a new wardrobe of clothing the likes of which had never graced her body before, a single panda teddy bear, but otherwise books: her thirst for knowledge had become quickly apparent.

It had seemed too, the more the evening went on and the more successful their trip to the market was, the more abuse Jihi had suffered at the hands of her former family. None more apparent though than when her stomach had begun to grumble and Keishi had questioned her about it - the revelation that she had not been allowed to eat because the rest of her family and the servants had not done so likely a startling one yet probably expected nonetheless considering the conditions she was living in.

By the end of their trip she found herself exhausted, more than willing to crash and sleep perhaps the rest of the night away and even some of the morning. So tired that even her anxiety over a new place, and having to deal with new people with her own social awkwardness, was dulled. Yet there was still one thing she was holding out for: the cake that the Joutenkage had mentioned, the cake he would teach her how to bake. She couldn’t fall asleep till then, she wouldn’t let herself - besides it was still fairly early in the evening, not that her body cared much about that, not after days of little to no sleep because of the agony her former father had put her in.

...That urge is still there, but I’m too afraid to even ask…

Despite her tiredness it wasn’t until they had neared Keishi’s house, their fairly long trip over, did she finally pause - not out of tiredness despite how much of that she could feel, but rather because something had caught her attention and held it. The academy. The one place she had wanted to go, the place where despite how fearful of her former family she had been she had been brave enough to ask about. The place where even after being told no she had gone to to look at and which had resulted in the severe beating she had endured. The longing was still there, the wanting to follow her dream. Yet she was too afraid to ask. The first time she had been told no to her dream it had almost shattered her, and she feared hearing it a second time. The Academy seemed almost magical the way it was reflected in the bright moonlight, as if taunting her or calling to her.

It brought Jihi’s mind back to the day that Keishi had shown up with the servant and helped her - she had explained what had happened that day, she had explained why she had been beaten. How she had wanted nothing more than to join the Academy and how her former father had forbidden her from doing so. From the Academy she shifted her gaze back to Keishi.. She was ready to go home, to her new home.

Word Count: 5,140
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Anbu; the God’s reapers

“Curious aren’t we?”, he asked, noticing the look of curiosity on Jihi’s face when the Anbu shimmered into existence. It was probably her first time in seeing the village’s elite forces. In fact, it was probably the first time any civilian or shinobi, outside of a few exceptions, have seen the forces which Keishi personally commanded. Unlike the normal forces, those in Anbu are not allowed to be seen by anyone while on duty, and within the village. He did not send them to run simple errands like some other Kages have been known to due. When they show up, it means either someone is about to die or about to wish for such. Either way, seeing an Anbu is a warning that the grim reaper is near, and a soul is about to be harvested.

But these are not Anbu . . .

When the Kage’s life, or his family’s, is threatened, most amuse Anbu would be the one to handle it. For Keishi, that is not the case. As mentioned, his Anbu were meant to harvest the souls of others, not babysit or guard over people. No, such tasks, while important, was left to the Anbu rejects. The people who had the talent and metal for the dark arts, but lacked something which made them disqualified from joining the ranks. Instead of allowing those individuals to filter back into the standard system, Keishi used them for other means. They became the bodyguards of high classed councilmen and women. They were the ones who are seen standing guard on the rooftops. They are the ones who were used as guards within the prisons. The ones who were used to guard Keishi and his family. More important, at least in this situation, they were the ones who dealt with anyone causing trouble in the village. But many would not know this because they wore the masks associated with Anbu. One can say these individuals were the public faces of Anbu. The ones allowed to walk in the day while their shadows stalk the night.

Pity, none of them were here.

The five individuals posing as Anbu were not what they seem. They were merely clones created in advance by Keishi to act as his personal guard for today. The man having to create them moments after being invited to share drinks with Jihi’s father. Even then, Keishi knew exactly what he had in store for the family. How he was going to ruin them all in order to get exactly what he wanted. His eyes, filled with warmth, flickered down towards the child holding his hand, a smile appearing on his face as he thought of his prize. He did not let his thoughts stray too far, reigning them in before they verge too deep like they did last time. Turning his attention back to the arrested family, Keishi spoke, mostly to quench Jihi’s curiosity, “ The five mask people are apart of Anbu. An elite force of men and women who answer only to me. They have, and will continue, to guard me and my family, that includes you, with their lives.” It was important to make Jihi realize that she was apart of his family. That unlike her so-called family, she was truly apart of his. He needed there to be zero doubt that he cared about her. For only then could he get what he wanted without much resistance?  Not like that stopped him before.

A step closer till you be mind. . .

Though he asked her if she was ready to leave, the truth of the matter was he had grown tired of being in the house, especially now considering he accomplished what he wanted. “Everything will be okay. They won’t be killed. If only for the small fact that they did not abandon you out on the street like some other parents do. It is that small grace which would keep them alive.”,  he spoke, noticing the child looking at the space where his Anbu just left, taking away her former family. His words were genuine none of her family members would be killed. No, his plans for them was much more sinister than that. The clones were going to break them all, starting with her sisters than the father. By the time they were through with them, Jihi’s former family would be but a shell of themselves. There was only one downside though, and that was, he could not be there to partake in the breaking of them. Alas, looking at Jihi one more time, a smile ever present on his face, he guided her outside.

There comes some notoriety when attaining the position of kage. The people of the village look up and respect you for your position, and power that came with it. They become invested in your private life. Wanting to know every little personal detail in order to find some connection between them and the strongest person in the village. They dig and dig looking for anything that separates the common men from the Gods amongst them. They take notice of the smallest changes in one’s lives and become curious about what brought it upon. So, it was not surprising when Keishi took Jihi shopping for clothing, many people began wondering who the child was, and what connection she had with their Kage? Through shush murmurs and not-so-subtle looks, people were trying to piece together this mystery.

No one dared to ask though, especially when they noticed the protectiveness Keishi showed in regards to the child. Hearts melted as customers watched their Kage help Jihi go about picking out clothing. He took his time with the child, making sure he had everything needed, asking if there was anything else she wanted, and encouraging her to tell him what she wanted,  before carrying it all to the counter and paying for it. There was no need to put it on a tad; he had money to spare anyway. Once paid for, he sealed her clothing up in a scroll. Taking his time to explain the basic concept of sealing to the young girl so that she could unseal and seal things within scrolls herself.

Jihi was an interesting child. While he had expected her to want toys of some kind. She surprised him with only wanting a single panda bear, but mostly books. So once the panda bear had been bought, he found it adorable in how she clutched onto it, they went book shopping.

He did not know how long they stayed in the book store. Time ebbed away from them as Keishi and Jihi wandered the vase halls of books. For the most part, he allowed her to pick out whatever book she wanted, but he did throw in some basic shinobi related material, stuff that an academy student should know or learn before graduation. And, just like in the clothing store, Keishi showed and talked to Jihi about the basics of sealings. With another scroll filled with stuff bought, the pair exited out of the building.

A frown briefly marred his face when he heard Jihi’s stomach growling for food. The frown only deepens when asked if she had eaten anything as of late. The answer given was one he had expected, but hoped was room. She had eaten none. Removing the frown from his face, less she thinks it was her fault, Keishi guided Jihi to a small restaurant. It was here where the two decided ate. Keishi making sure Jihi got a full and fulfilling meal.

“Hop on.”, Keishi spoke, nearly a front of the clearly exhausted girl, his back turned to her for she to climb on. He can tell the poor child was exhausted no doubt both mentally and physically. A lot of stuff went on today that was draining in every sense of the word. So, instead of letting her walk, he offered her a piggyback ride. Once she was secured onto his back, his hands holding her up, the pair of leggings keeping her decent, he began walking again. this time towards his home, and Jihi’s new home.

Nearly large manor, the gentle tug of Jihi got him to stop and take note of what she was looking at; the Academy. The starting place of every budding shinobi. The place where everyone has to pass in order to become about of the village military forces. If the look given to the Academy was anything to go by, Jihi seems to some fascination with it. Now that he thought about it, some of the books she picked out was stuff an academy student would need to pass the graduation exam. Did she want to go to the academy? “If you are interested in joining the academy than I can sign you up for it tomorrow.”, he spoke, looking over his shoulder at her, There were students already who bring their pets to the Academy, therefore, a talking tree should not be that big of a surprise. He would just make sure to mention this to the school director.

Turning down a path not far from the academy, Keishi walked till a familiar gate came into view. Made completely from steel, the gates was at least fifteen feet tall with the tip of each pole being spiked. Standing on either side of the gates were two male guards who, upon seeing Keishi, greeted him and allowed him through. “The blonde hair guard is Hiyori, and the bald is Anji. They are the sons of the former guards. The ones who used to guard this place when my parents were alive. They have children of their own that can be typically found wandering throughout the compound.”, Keishi spoke, walking down the long paved path. It was not long before the pair came up with a large compound consisting of several houses with a large manor being the focal point. “You see that large house there?”, he pointed to the manor, “That is your new home. Asides from us two, there are sixteen other people who live there. Many which are near your age, teens, and reaching adulthood. Almost all of them was taken in by me when they lost everything. I am much a father to them as I am a father to you.”, he spoke, a smile coming to his face as his eyes stopped one of his favorite people standing outside.

“A father to all of them? More like a brother or a fun-loving uncle. So, who is she?”, a blonde haired woman who looked in her early thirties, but actually pushing sixties, dressed in cooking attire, inquired. Her light brown eyes staring at Jihi with an overwhelm grandmotherly warmth that betrayed her appeared to age.

Keishi annoyed the jab thrown at him. The woman standing before him been someone of great importance to him. “Hey, name is Jihi.”, as soon as the words left, he got playfully smacked by the woman as she chastises him on speaking for others. That she wanted to hear it from the cutie’s mouth, not his.

“So, she was the one you told about that day, eh?” Keishi nodded, “Tsk. I hope her father gets what is coming to him.” the woman spoke, before realizing she never did introduce herself to Jihi, “Where are my manners. I’m Junko. And I am the main cook, overseer of the compound when Keishi is away at work, along with being his grand godmother.” She would give Jihi time to speak before looking back at Keishi, “Have you told her about the rules of the household?”

“Not yet. Been busy with buying her a new wardrobe and stuff. Needless to say, her family only provided her with the basics to survive, and that is putting it nicely.” Shifting slightly, Keishi decided it was the best time to mention the rules of the household as the three walked into the manor. “So, because I am a Kage, there are certain rules those who live with me must follow. The main one being not to speak of anything seen or heard within the compound. There are people who would very much use anything they could to hurt me or those I care about. Another rule is, two rooms on the top floor, I will show them to you, are off limits unless I am with you. There is stuff in there I don’t want anyone to accidentally get hurt on. Another rule and this is especially for you when I am not around, you are only to answer to Junko. If you want, you can view her as your mother or grandmother. For she has the best interest of everyone in mind. Last but not least, unless accompanied by me or Junko do not venture into the other’s homes, even if invited. Understand?”, he asked, following Junko into the kitchen as she pulled out a tray of freshly baked cookies and offer them one.

Keishi took one, having to love her cookies, before remembering something, “Oh, Junko. Care to help me and Jihi bake a cake? Today is her birthday, and she never celebrated soo. . .” nothing else was needed to be said as Junko went to get the ingredients while Keishi kneels down, allowing Jihi to climb off his back.

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