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 Aico, Keishi(Finish)

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PostSubject: Aico, Keishi(Finish)   Aico, Keishi(Finish) EmptyTue Jan 23, 2018 6:10 pm

Aico, Keishi(Finish) 9mHe5R9

Name: Aico, Keishi
Age: 32
Birthdate: May 1st
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: Uzumaki
Rank: Joutenkage

Village: Amagakure

  • Katon(S)
  • Doton(S)
  • Fuuton(S)
  • Jinton(S)


  • Fuuinjutsu(S)
  • Medical(S)
  • Genjutsu(S)
  • Ninjutsu(S)
  • Taijutsu(D)

Special Characteristics:

Height: 6ft 2in
Weight: 215 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Reddish Brown
General Description:
Standing one hundred eighty-two centimeters and ninety-seven kilograms. Keishi’s tan skin, free of any scarring, surprising considering his age and profession, but do to his unrivaled skills at the medical art, barely contains the tightly compacted muscle that are ready to be used at the moments notice. Despite not being a martial artist, his build uncanny semblance those in the profession. He having spent a good majority of the time with friends who practiced the taijutsu art to get a better understand of it.

About You!
Keishi possesses a commanding presence about him that screams 'respect' to those underneath his command, and caution towards anyone who dares to threaten what he rules over. A charismatic leader, he motivates and promotes others to break the limits of the self-imposed limitations. Being a firm believer that humans are capable of anything if they have a control of enough fortitude. He does not take kindly to anyone disrespecting or tearing down the shinobi under his command. Striking out against anyone who dares either directly or indirectly, the latter being something he has used more of since becoming Kage.

A kind and compassionate man. Keishi does what he believes is best for his people, putting their well-being over the lives of the outside world. Alliances and the likes mean little to him if they do not benefit his people in any way. Despite being Kage, Keishi is a ground man who never forgets where he came from. It is not uncommon to see him wandering the village's streets normally with his adopted daughter, Jihi, by his side as he greets the local people, checking up on their well-being. He shows immense respect for the elderly and those who came before him, taking their advice to heart, and trying to apply it his life. Though this is not to say he would agree with everything said or would be swayed by their words, Keishi is very much his own person.

Underneath this persona is something dark and unsettling only known by those within his household. Keishi is a violent and perverse individual who anger is usually taking out amongst those in his household through sexual acts. The women in his household having no say in being taking whenever he desire. Twisting and perverting on every female in his manor, sullying them to the point no other man would want them. Master, the word used to describe Keishi only when he's in the confines of his own. It is the word used to describe a man who blurs the lines of legality every day. Those in his household understands well not to incite his ire, yet, some still try to do that much to the chagrin of some of the older members.There have been whispers of him breaking members, who have gained his ire, to the point they are now nothing more than a cum dumpster, working on the streets, serving anyone who they can get their hands on.  ..no matter of age.

However, while he does treat his slaves, for that is what they are, in such a manner, he does make sure they are in healthy condition and working on a 'normal' job. Of course, he puts precautions on them to prevent them from speaking, writing, thinking, etc. about anything that goes on within the household while in public. But, such precautions are not taking with the newest member of the household, Jihi. The teen being giving special treatment by Keishi for reasons unknown to him. While newest members are usually broken in by now, Keishi has yet to do that to Jihi.

She was the spider, and I the fly.

Those were the words of Keishi’s father, Gempachi, whenever the five year old would ask how his parents got together. No matter how many times asked, or the phrasing, his father would give him the same answer. . . every time. It did not bother the young child, though he was curious on the details of his parents relationship. If only to find any truth been the wrongs of his many sisters, but not sisters, who had been with him for the earliest moments of his life. They always told him these stories of people falling in love, making it seem more interesting than anything his father told him. And since his mother was gone, having died two years ago, there was no way to asking her. So the only person who could provide him with the answers he seeked wasn’t being very forthcoming. Sadly, for Keishi, it would only be some time later that his father become open about the relationship he had with the woman who was Keishi’s mother.

. . .A slave and master. . .

It was after gaining the rank of Special Jounin did Keishi learn the complete truth regarding his family. He was already told that the people who he thought as sisters and aunts were not exactly related to him by blood; though this was somewhat figured out when he lost his virginity to one at the tender age of fourteen. That is was just a front for the public eye. It was only at the age of nineteen when Keishi learned these people were nothing more than slaves to the family. People that his mother had acquired throughout her life. Each person willingly, or not, to be in the servitude of another. Many given up the basic rights as an individual to be treated in whatever manner the master of the household wants.

And one such person was Gempachi, Keishi’s father. The man being a slave to his mother before the pair eventually fell in-love and got married. The marriage removing Gempachi’s status as a slave. Keishi’s father admitted this while on his deathbed. His father mention how he did not regret any decisions he made in the past - especially becoming the slave to his future wife. He admitted having already had an attraction to the woman, but could not openly admit it. He having to find another way to let her know of his feels, and that is when he took such an extreme route. More stuff between father and son was shared before Keishi was named the Head of Aico’s household. He having complete control over everything - even the businesses that the family used as a front.

After his father’s death, Keishi took up the role as owner of the companies, and continued within the slave trade like his parents. His success in both areas being contributed to his father’s teachings, mother’s journals, and his experience as a shinobi. As a shinobi, he rose through the ranks, becoming apart of Anbu, going from lowly recruit to eventually Anbu Commander. It was here where the previous kage got killed in duty, him and his escorts were attacked by a role element while en route to peace talks with another village and potential trade agreements. Being the next person in line, as well as being the strongest, the choice was a no brainer.

At the age of twenty-nine, Keishi became the Joutenkage. Three years into his tenure, Keishi would come into the possession of another slave. A young girl by the name of Jihi. Unlike the others who resided in his family’s compound, this one was different because no contract of services was drawn up. In fact, the thought never crossed his mind, after seeing the terrible condition her father had placed on her. That in itself was a rare thing with him being known to make sure a slave knew their place and worth. But Jihi? He did not tell her any of that. After winning her in a bet from her abusive father and sisters, he simply took her home to her new life. All the while, in the furthest corner of his mind, he wonders if history will repeat itself.

Will the master fall for the slave?
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“Beware the dark pool at the bottom of our hearts. In its icy, black depths dwell strange and twisted creatures it is best not to disturb.”
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Aico, Keishi(Finish)
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