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 Mu, Jihi [Character Application]

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PostSubject: Mu, Jihi [Character Application]   Mu, Jihi [Character Application] EmptyTue Jan 23, 2018 8:47 am

Mu, Jihi [Character Application] 1491mbl

Name: Mu, Jihi
Age: ??
Birthdate: March 3rd
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Clan: Malkavian
Rank: Academy Student

Village: Amagakure no Sato

  • Katon [D-Rank]
  • Futon [D-Rank]
  • Explosion [D-Rank]


  • Medical Ninjutsu [D-Rank]
  • Ninjutsu [D-Rank]
  • Genjutsu [D-Rank]
  • Taijutsu [D-Rank]

Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Quick Learner
    Type: Positive
    Description: This individual is very versatile and generally talented. For this reason, he/she learns things at an above average rate, causing their word count to be reduced by 25%.
  • Name: Perk of the Genius
    Type: Academy Student Graduate Perk
    Description: Grants a permanent 20% reduction to all training word-counts, as well as a 25% reduction in the cost of all items in the catalog and a 10% reduction to all custom made items. Stacks with other bonuses.


4 foot 0 inches
Weight: 60 pound
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Gold
General Description: Unlike the typical shinobi who are well built and muscular Jihi’s frame is very thin and willowy, much like a baby tree who still has a great deal of growing to do before it can become a mighty oak. She stands fairly short at only four feet even, and weighs sixty pounds even. Her skin has a natural ivory tone to it, and her facial features are fairly rounded. Her hair, red in color, is kept on the short side: cut and styled to be shorter in the back with long pieces in the front framing her face, none of which going much farther down than her chin. Her eyes are a molten gold in color, lined by naturally black eyelashes.

Her typical outfit consists if a black mesh undershirt with sleeves that go down to her elbows, over top of which a short-sleeved hoodie is worn; the top half of the hoodie gray and the bottom half white with black strings being fed through the hood portion. Black colored knee length shorts are paired with this, as well as a standard pair of black shinobi sandals. Bandages are worn wrapped around her wrists and ankles. Around her right thigh is worn her weapons pouch, kept well within reach for easy access. When worn her village hitai-ate is worn more often than not around her neck loosely.

About You!
Personality: Jihi is definitely an anti-social individual. What started out as a quiet and soft spoken toddler who was a bit shy bloomed into a full blown anti-social child who would go to all lengths to avoid social interaction whenever possible after having suffered for years at the hands of her father and his twisted forms of punishment. She has little to no interest in what’s ‘hip’ or ‘happening’ and would much rather stay home and read a book – by herself – than be caught at the coolest party in the village or off shopping in the market with a large group of people. She is, more often than naught, comfortable either alone or with only a select few individuals compared to being in the center of large crowds or gatherings. She’s never one to really speak first when greeting someone, and often can be found edging off to the side if a friend she’s with strikes up a conversation with another. She’s more likely to wander off and simply do her own thing in that kind of a situation than to actually try and join in and make a new friend.

She has a tendency not to trust people she doesn’t know, or to think that they have ulterior motives in their words or actions – especially when it comes to strangers or people in general who are being what she considers to be ‘too nice’ to her: often thinking that they are up to something, or that they’re planning on causing her harm in some way.

When it does come to being teased or hurt she has a tendency to shut down.

For those who Jihi does let in though they often find she is much more than just the anti-social girl who shies away from everyone. Beneath the shy exterior lies a somewhat sad and somewhat broken girl who tries to hold the pieces together with a smile. Despite her own emotional place she’s quick to smile if it will lighten up the day of someone else and always has a kind word to share. She encourages her friends to do better, and loves to see them succeed at all they do. She’s always one to cheer someone on, even if their pursuits are not ones that actually interest her.

She can come across as silly, often known for making jokes or comments that make others laugh. While not the life of the party in those kinds of situations she’s definitely a key factor to have around: a loving and kind person with a huge heart.

History: Jihi’s life has never been simple: not with five older sisters who were always getting into trouble, a father whose a diplomat, and a mother who could care less about any of the children she’s birthed. Jihi was the lowest of the low in the house, no better than the servants who tended their home and saw to her family’s needs – worse in fact considering the beating she got, beatings that were so much more severe than what even the servants faced. When it came to her sisters getting into trouble it always seemed to be Jihi who got beat or punished for it – normally both. Her father hoped that by beating the youngest each time one of the older ones did something wrong it would dissuade them from doing so again – but it didn’t work, the girls enjoyed being able to get away with things without risking a beating, knowing that Jihi would have to take the brunt of their father’s wraith. It was a life of hell for the young girl.

Despite living in what was quickly becoming hell itself Jihi didn’t lose hope. She found solace in her dreams and ideas, and she knew even from such a young age what she wanted to be when she grew up: a medic. Of course it was an idea the rest of her family scoffed at when she brought up wanting to join the Academy – her father outright refusing to allow her to do so. Even when she tried to sneak over just to watch through a window he had her hunted down and he beat her so badly she wasn’t able to walk for nearly a week before one of the servants summoned a medic. It was a crushing blow, the last thing which Jihi had had hope for being stripped away from her. It was like a light being flickered off, or a flame being snuffed out. She became withdrawn, and utterly silent: even taking her brutal beatings without making a sound.

Yet, life wasn’t done with her yet. On the evening of her tenth birthday her father invited the kage to dinner on what would end up being a long night of drinking. Jihi was forced to serve them even though she was still recovering from the brutal being that had left her bed bound. The more her father drank the more outrageous his bets became until in the end he ended up betting his daughter Jihi and then losing badly. It was that very evening that Jihi was taken from the house, even as her father screamed and bellowed that he had been cheated.

Scared and terrified Jihi finds herself stepping into a new life, one she has no idea about...

Faceclaim: Naruhina Baby by Witterung
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Mu, Jihi [Character Application] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mu, Jihi [Character Application]   Mu, Jihi [Character Application] EmptyTue Jan 23, 2018 6:22 pm

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Mu, Jihi [Character Application]
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