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 Academy Students

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Academy Student Rank

On our site there is a special rank that characters can start out at that give them specific boosts later on to their characters. The rank is not mandatory and must be chosen at the time of character creation, and must be marked on the characters application: “Rank: Academy Student”.

Starting off as an Academy student offers up certain perks that can be utilized for later ranks as mentioned above, and there are a few rules which must be noted for those wishing to start as such.


  • Academy students can app and train D and C rank jutsu, however the use of D rank jutsu cost double chakra cost, and C rank jutsu cost triple chakra cost to use while an Academy Student.
  • Academy students can train their stats up to D-3 but no higher while an Academy Student.
  • Academy students cannot run missions alone, they must be accompanied by a higher ranked ninja.
  • To go from Academy Student to Genin you must provide proof of 25+ RP posts with each post being at least 300+ words long for it to count. The request must be turned into your respective Kage and approved by them before your rank can be changed.
  • Ronin (Wanderers) and Nuke-nin cannot start off as Academy Students: those attempting to try to become Ronin or Nuke-nin while still ranked as an Academy student will find themselves striped of all Perks and Benefits as it will be seen as failure to complete the Academy.
  • All Academy students start out with the same Genjutsu/Ninjutsu/Taijutsu as the average Genin, and can choose one spec above that to begin with if they wish, however all specs start at D rank.
  • All Academy students start with 2 elements (unless a clan specifies differently), and these elements start at D rank.

Perks and Benefits

  • Once Academy Students have “graduated” and ranked up they can now train stats a full rank past what their rank would normally allow: this means a Genin who would normally only be able to train their stats to C-3 max would now be able to train their stats to B-3 as their max. Chuunin would be able to train up to A-3 max. Special Jounin would be able to train up to S-3 max. Jounin (A-Rank) would be able to train up to SS-3 max.
  • Because of excess training (IE, being an Academy Student) those who started as such will find that they do not have to pay a double chakra cost to use jutsu from a rank above (such as Genin having to pay double chakra cost to use B rank jutsu), they would instead pay normal chakra cost as the excess training has granted them greater chakra control than those who started out as Genin.
  • Because of extensive training those who start off as Academy students receive “Perk of the Genius” which grants a permanent 20% reduction to all training word-counts, as well as a 25% reduction in the cost of all items in the catalog and a 10% reduction to all custom made items.

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Academy Students
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