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 Shimizu, Ayakashi

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PostSubject: Shimizu, Ayakashi   Shimizu, Ayakashi EmptyMon Dec 25, 2017 5:44 pm

Shimizu, Ayakashi FEOuMS2

Name: Shimizu, Ayakashi
Age: 10
Birthdate: January 1st.
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Clan: N/A
Rank: Genin

Village: Hanagakure no Sato

  • Suiton [C-Rank]
  • Futon [C-Rank]


  • Medical Ninjutsu [C-Rank]
  • Fuuinjutsu [C-Rank]
  • Ninjutsu [D-Rank]
  • Taijutsu [D-Rank]
  • Genjutsu [D-Rank]

Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Genius Perk
    Type: Supplementary
    Description: This individual gets a 20% reduction to all training word counts.

  • Name: Blind
    Type: Active
    Description: This individual is completely and utterly blind: they are incapable of seeing anything at all.

  • Name: Chakra Sensory
    Type: Supplemental
    Tier: 2
    Description: This individual is capable of seeing through the use of chakra rather than through their eyes at the cost of a permanent -50 chakra reduction from their chakra pool. The distance that they can see is determined on their rank at the time. They’re capable of seeing in the clearest and greatest of detail with the only downfall of this being that they cannot see through the Earth or Earth-based techniques.
    Sight based Genjutsu techniques do not affect the user when using Chakra Sensory. Camouflage and anti-sensory based techniques do not affect Chakra Sensory of the users rank cap and lower (Such as a Genin able to see through anti-sensory techniques of C rank or lower, Chuunin B rank or lower, Spec. Jounin A rank or lower, and so forth).
    D-Rank: 15 Meters
    C-Rank: 30 Meters
    B-Rank: 50 Meters
    A-Rank: 75 Meters
    S-Rank: 100 Meters
    Training Requirements: This requires no training as the distance of the sensory increases as the individual ranks up.


4ft. 4in.
Weight: 66lbs.
Hair Color: Snow-White
Eye Color: Yellow
General Description: Ayakashi is fairly small looking; her slim form speaks more of her use of intellect over physical force when it comes to her shinobi duties. She’s fairly short compared to the average ten year old, though it isn’t this but perhaps her snow-white colored hair that causes her to stick out (often worn down, or otherwise back in a ponytail at the top-back of her head); the coloration making her already light tanned color skin to stand out all that much more. Of course, this is nothing compared to her naturally yellow colored eyes - eyes hardly anyone gets to see as she more often than naught keeps them hidden by her village headband wrapped around her head: her blindness making the beautiful orbs fairly useless.

Her typical attire tends to consist of a black dress with one inch thick straps, the dress hugging the top half of her body before flowing out once its past her breastbone; the dress ending roughly six inches down her thighs. A pair of black leggings are worn with the dress, tucked into simple white boots with a black sole.

About You!
Personality: Ayakashi was always a quiet child; even as a baby she hardly fussed, hardly made a noise. Not so much anti-social but rather one who simply preferred things quiet she would often be considered a bit of an oddity to other children. She is often the type to sit back and think about things, preferring to listen instead of speaking.

Beneath her quiet surface, however, is a child with a heart of gold. She is one of the kindest people on the earth, always looking to help others - not just humans but even other creatures who she can often be found attempting to sneak into the house so that she can nurse them back to health.

She smiles always constant, with the kind of smile that could light up a room and warm the coldest of hearts. She has a kind of purity and innocence about her that is rare in the world, making her that much more of a treasure for those who love her.

Despite being blind she’s still determined to be like any other child: refusing to be held back or hindered by limits, simply learning to do things in a different way, perhaps even a better way.

When it comes to her family she is fiercely loyal, but with none more so than her twin Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi is Yin to her Yang, the two utterly inseparable: her safety when she’s afraid, her confident when she has secrets to tell, the one who has her back when undergoing missions, who she knows she can always turn to for help and who will always be by her side.

History: For most children born to a Kage they either end up with parents who expect far too much of them, or parents who expect far too little: in either case parents who more often than not ignore them completely. This is not the case when it comes to the twins: Kiyoshi and Ayakashi were always shown love, a gift to their parents and treated as such from the moment they were born.

The pair were born January first, early in the morning: Kiyoshi born thirty seven seconds before his sister. The birth went without an issue, both children seemed to be healthy, but it wasn’t long afterward that it became known Ayakashi was blind. There had been no issues during the nine months that Kaia~Mai carried the children, and no true explanation behind it save for one thing: Kaia’s own sickness during her younger years, and the things which had happened to Kaia when she was a child. Either way the family adapted quickly, refusing to treat this as a handicap and instead choosing to treat her as if she were anyone else. The children, from the time they could walk and talk, were trained and schooled together in everything - their parents building them a peaceful life, but wanting them prepared should something happen. Not so much teaching the children to be paranoid, but rather to be prepared. While Kiyoshi took to Puppetry and Medical Ninjutsu like a fish to water Ayakashi took to Fuuinjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu much the same - refusing to allow her blindness to stop her from building and playing an effective support role.

By the time the children were old enough to go into the Academy they had learned all that they could and more, choosing to enroll more for the experience than any actual need - both children having asked their parents to allow it regardless of the fact that their mother could have immediately made them registered Genin. The children soared through the Academy with ease, top of their classes in their respective specialities, even going so far as to end up graduating long before the rest of the peers. The graduation, of course, was attended by both of their parents who made sure that the time had been set aside for just that: both Kaia~Mai and Nanashi wanting to make sure that they were there for all of their children’s accomplishments.

And so the twins became full fledged Genin of Hanagakure no Sato.

RP Sample:
RP Sample:

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Shimizu, Ayakashi
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