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 Ichinomiya, Haruka

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Name: Ichinomiya, Haruka
Age: 18
Birthdate: 12/21
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Clan: Ichinomiya
Rank: Chunnin

Village: Wanderer
Element(s): Water || Wind
Specialties: Ninjutsu || Bukijutsu
Special Characteristics:
Perfect Obedience:


Height: 5'7
Weight: 125lbs
Hair Color: Silver-gray
Eye Color: Red
General Description: Haruka favors older style of dress; one of the few to still wear traditional yakuta and robes versus the more common pants and suits of the common era. This suits him well, as his typical undercover persona has him playing the part of a geisha; both male or female, depending on the situation; and his familiarity with the rules and rituals of the style make his coverable that much more believable. His short, slightly wavy, hair is a light, silver-gray (almost white), while his large eyes are red. He has a pale complexion due to him being an albino. Despite being an adult, his soft features make him seem more like a young boy than a man; and have been described as being outright feminine when in the right situations.

About You!

Personality: As a person his ability and appearance have affected his way of living from the time he was very young. It ostracized him from other people, thus making him uncomfortable around large crowds. He can lack confidence and be self-concious at times. When he was a child, he spent most of his time around youkai, (his abilities to see them allowing him to do so) and considers himself good at making friends with them. Because he was with the youkai for the majority of his childhood, he never really stayed around humans and has not really developed good people skills.

Despite this, he is a very good manipulator, able to fool others into doing what he wants. He is highly intelligent and extremely sneaky. When interacting with others though, he will adopt a more serious and business-like nature. Either they are contacting him to deal with an issue as an exorcist, his editor is urging him to finish his latest manuscript, or he is trying to sell something to someone. He has been described as a 'tactician' by others due to how he organizes his plans, thinks ahead and how he manipulats a situation to one that suits him.

History: Never knowing the warmth or safety of a family; Haruka's earliest memories are of a cold, dank room shared with far too many other infants and toddlers. No cribs, merely piles of wet and molded blankets on a dirty, splinter ridden wooden floor. No heat, barely any light, the smell of feces and urine strong on the air. No food, no water. Nothing but misery and sickness. The orphanage was not a place of comfort and safety; and his childhood reflected that. Initially tossed in with the babes of the center; he was quickly moved in with his 'agemates' once it was discovered that he was not, as it seemed, a toddler; but a functional child of some years more than he appeared. It was guessed, by the number and condition of his teeth, that he was some six or seven years old when he was found; but the child had no memories of a time before the first night at the orphanage. Nothing but darkness and pain; a pain so strong that it blocked any attempt to remember a life before. A pain that was only marginally stronger than the torment he suffered during his years at that place; that 'bastion of safety' for the local homeless scoundrels and miscreants left behind by death or abandonment.

Haruka's unusual features marked him from moment one. He was tiny, far smaller than any of his agemates; and his very apparent deformity was the final nail in the coffin. Albinism, the 'deformity' whereas the body is born with a lack of pigments in the skin and eyes which leaves the afflicted extraordinarily pale and a ghostly white color; eyes red or purple, depending on the type of albinism; and a strong dislike of bright sunlight, or light in general. Haruka was the first case of the deformity they had ever seen, and as such was given no special treatment or care; the 'providers' had no idea what to do, so they left him to fend for himself. So what if he went blind, or his skin bubbled and boiled from the harsh light of the high plains. so long as the boy drew breath, they could milk money from the state for his care. That was all that mattered to the adults that ran the place.

Teasing be damned; the boy was outright tortured by his peers. Name calling and verbal assaults where the good days; most of the time he was running form physical attacks and threats of everything from bodily harm to outright rape, in the case of the teens and elders that knew what such a thing was. Safety was found in the forest and darkness of the dangerous outlying areas; the children where given free reign of a certain area of the local lands to keep them out of the nearby town and away from the good people that had jobs and lives and a chance to live a normal life. This was a place where only death and anger lived; most of these kids would be sold as slaves to the local mines, or bought by sex slavers that passed through a few times a year. No one was ever adopted; not really. There was no happiness to be found here.

Until, a happenstance. A haunting, verifiable and real; the call made to an 'expert' to cleanse it. A sharp eye and a sharper mind; someone that would recognize the only talent the little albino child had. Everyone else thought the boy mad; he sat in the darkness and talked to himself they would say; but this outsider saw what they could not. Youkai, spirit beasts, beings of another existence; they surrounded the boy and offered what comfort and protection they could to the only creature around they gave them friendship and love. The man saw this and knew he needed to take the boy from this place; to be so attuned to the spiritual at such a young age with no help or training? A rare gift; one wasted by the path to the darkness of the underground or the death by rape this child faced otherwise.

So, the rarity of an adoption; the man took the boy before the boy could protest; loading him into his cart and giving him the chance to enjoy a good sleep; one aided by a rather rare little herb that induced a deep, dreamless sleep; before introducing the child to his new life.

The man's name was Kantarou. The Boy, Haruka. Kantarou was an exorcist; a monk in a previous life; a person that went about cleansing the world of demons and evil possessions. He was also a scholar of sorts; a folklorist and student of knowledge. Something that Haruka took too with a voracious appetite. Karuka went from unable to even read to fully literate within a year; and inhaled the teachings and tutoring of the elder as fast as he safely could. Kantarou was a strict, somewhat cold man; but compared to the abuse of the orphanage; he was a beacon of warmth in a dark, icy world. Haruka grew fond of his master; but his master had.... other plans. Kantarou trained Haruka enough to allow him introduction into his clan; but from that point he abandoned the boy. He knew the only way the boy would grow and thrive was on his own; and while he never bothered to try to explain that to him; Kantarou did what he believed was best. He gifted the boy with his Shakujo; the mark of his graduation to acolyte within the clan; and left under cover of night. Haruka was left with nothing but his staff, some minimal camping equipment; and roughly a month's salary; additionally instructions to his first job. That was that; Kantarou was gone and Haruka would never see him again. He had to work now to earn his keep; and he understood that well enough to waste no time.

Life would be hard, but this was infinitely better than what he was almost destined to do.

RP Sample:

Faceclaim: Kantarou Ichinomiya - Tactics

Ichinomiya, Haruka Tumblr_n46zi8acob1rfplcto1_500

Loyalty and devotion lead to bravery.
Bravery leads to the spirit of self-sacrifice.
The spirit of self-sacrifice creates trust in the power of love.

Haruka  || Ichinomiya || Jutsu || Locker

Ninjutsu [C] | Bukijutsu [C] || Water [C] | Wind [C]

Stats STR: D3 || SPD: C0|| END: D3 || PER: C3 || REA: C0

Mission D: 0 || C: 0 ||  B: 0 || A:0 || S:0 || SS: 0

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“Beware the dark pool at the bottom of our hearts. In its icy, black depths dwell strange and twisted creatures it is best not to disturb.”
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Ichinomiya, Haruka
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