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 Shimuzu Nanashi(finished)

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PostSubject: Shimuzu Nanashi(finished)   Shimuzu Nanashi(finished) EmptyMon Dec 25, 2017 3:34 pm

Shimuzu Nanashi(finished) W2h7X6j

Name: Shimizu, Daremo
Age: Thirty-Nine
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Clan: /
Rank: Jounin(S)

Village: Hanagakure no Sato

  • Fuuton(S)
  • Suiton(S)
  • Doton(S)
  • Raiton(S)


  • Medical Ninjutsu(S)
  • Fuuinjutsu(S)
  • Senjutsu(S)
  • Ninjutsu(S)

Special Characteristics:
Name: Quick Learner
Type: Positive
Description:This individual is very versatile and generally talented. For this reason, he/she learns techniques at an above average rate. When learning a new jutsu, the word count required is reduced by 25%.

Height: 6ft 4in
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Dark Yellow
General Description: Daremo's purple colored hair reaches the small of his back. Lustrous and healthy, he keeps it in a low hanging ponytail with an ornate hair clip of varying colors and designs, usually of earthy metallic tones, and a dragon motif. It's not uncommon for him to tuck a dangling hair bang behind his pierced ears, with simple non-metallic studs within them, from time to time. A pair of strikingly purple eyes, look out in the world with warmth and acceptance though with a hint of something else, in the deepest crevasses, that can't be placed. Capable of varying emotions, they can turn cold and empty at the moment notice, with those who witness it saying it 'fits' him better than the more common expression.

Facial features that aren't feminine nor masculine, having found a middle ground between the two. Well groomed, there is a lack of facial hair on the otherwise blemish free, and smoothed tan skin. His mouth is thin with lips blending in near perfectly with the rest, if not for their dull pinkish hue. Typically kept in either a smile or a confident smirk, his straight pearly white flashes with each laugh. Being close to patients on a daily basis, it's ideal his breath doesn't smell, therefore, is breath always have a fresh minty aroma.

Not over muscular, his physique reflects that of a talented swimmer, lean, powerful muscles in a slim and graceful package. Deceptively powerful, one wouldn't know nor comprehend the strength his build contains unless seeing him in the nude. In which case, with each step, his muscles ripple underneath, straining against their confines. Much like his face, there lies zero hair on his person, but this being more of a genetic quirk than him constantly shaving. Velvety in texture, many scars litter his frame with the most distinguishable one being located on the right side of his ribs; a pair of fang marks.

Daremo movement is marked with a distinct fluidity: he doesn't enter a room, he sweeps into it as if he owns. Light and graceful, each step is methodical taken with a practical ease unbecoming of a civilian or a shinobi, like an aristocrat, but with an undercurrent of raw savagery.

Kimonos of dark neutral colors are Daremo's go-to-style with some of the more vibrant ones being tastefully thrown into the mix whenever he fancies a change. Western type clothing, dress shirt, slacks, shoes, and ties, makes up a good part of his wardrobe as well.

About You!
Calm, kind, and charitable, Daremo openly seeks out to help and protect others less fortunate than him. Providing them with soft words of inspiration and wisdom becoming of his age, and silently spoke of transgression that perverted his younger years. Giving them a silent shoulder to lean and cry on and comfort similar to an old friend, a father, a brother, an uncle, or anyone else one might think of in said manner. Non Judgemental, past nor present nor possible future doesn't actions cloud his opinion about another or stop him from helping them if necessary. Seeing them as just another who have been burned by the world's cruelty. Secrets and dark fears are safe with him, never does he repeat anything of importance spoken to him in private or in confidence, is loyalty to the bearers being absolute.

Easy-going, amusing, and friendly, Daremo is quick to strike up conversations with others over mundane or important topics, whatever which strikes his fancy at the time or initiated by the offending party. With an air of self-confidence that's down right sexy and intoxicating, making others wanting to emulate it, there are hints of arrogance and cockiness, off-putting to some but genuinely accepted by most he has no problem initiating a talk with a complete stranger. With the belief, he could get the most antisocial person in the world to talk a sentence or a few.

Able to keep up with witty banter of others, even that of the course variety, none in which shouldn't be taken too serious. It can be off-putting to others, who haven't spent a few minutes with him when it's the first thing spoken, and has led to some issues in the past and present. It doesn't stop him though, especially when a few drinks is involved, with him enjoying the competitive banter just like the next guy. Unnerving and uncomfortable at times, he has a dark humor, only surfacing after getting plastered, usually entail something of his past told in such a way that seems believable, leaving many not knowing to brush off the comments or not.

Ambitious and goal-driven, his work ethic is something beautiful, never half-assing any of his duties at the local hospital or retirement home which he volunteers at. Ingrained from a young age, he continuously strives to make something out of the world, while trying not to be drowned by it. His goals are of his own, kept close to his chest, leaving many with the only speculation of what they exactly entail. None pries though, more out of respect for the man who brings much into their lives a friend, medic, mentor, etc. Something which Daremo is silently thankful for, however, not for the reasons one respect.

Though, at his core, Daremo is a family man. Having been with his beautiful wife, Kaia-Mai, for over a decade, has brought forth an indescribable joy within his life. Not only his wife, but his children also play a large role in who he is as a man. There is nothing he would do if it meant to safe or protect his family. Maybe it is because of his training, and mastery, over Sage Mode, but, when it comes to his family, Daremo will transverse and raze heaven and hell for them. An overprotectiveness that is shown in subtle and not so subtle ways. One should be cautious when dealing with Daremo’s family, for one wrong move can set the man off.  

One of the first meaningful questions opposed to him by his mother, Guanyin Mayuko, at the tender age of five. Up till this point in his life, she never asked him such thought a provoking question. No, at most, whenever she was around, and not off doing adult business, or so his sisters and grandmothers say, she just asked mundane questions regarding his daily activities. Answered varied but usually were summed up with spending time with his siblings during their work, talking to some of the people who came for his siblings, or wondering Nakinagarish's streets with a guardian in tow.

When his mother wasn't working or being called off for some emergency, the times they spent together were some of his happiest.

Mayuko a stern lady while on duty became something less behind closed doors and around her son. Ordeals of the day and past transgression were momentarily forgotten whenever greeted by the excited laughter of her son, But, as he grew closer to the age of five, she knew these precious moments would be no more. That her son would be thrust into the world of sex, drugs, and violence. The writing on the wall was there, lustful and predatory gazes from clients, questions, seemingly harmless in nature, being asked about the young lad seen in and around the building. There's only so many lies and misdirections one can tell before slipping up and revealing some truths.

It would only be a matter of time before one of the more daring clients attempts something with her child. Though disposing of them would be rather easy, little it would do: those who frequent these places are like vultures, continuing making attempts till one succeeded. To have some control, she was willing to thrust her son into the world that she and the rest have been trying to shield him from. The world where the strong strive and the weak become food. Kami, may her son forgive her, and make it out alive. If not. . .

At first, he didn't comprehend what his mother and grandmother were saying. The people that were always was always friendly with his siblings was having sex with them? What was sex? Did it hurt? It must've for he vaguely remembers seeing one of his sisters leaving out of the bedrooms crying, tears flowing down her face while the client left looking smudged. Why did they do? Couldn't they find other work? It took a couple of hours of explaining before it started to make sense. .somewhat. It wasn't until, under the supervision of his mother, that he saw first hand what sex was, having sat in on a session.

Everything had started out well, as close as one can get when making their child watch two people having sex, but the client was a little rowdier than normal. During the course of the session, they made lewd and vulgar comments towards Nanashi, having lost all inhibition when a front of the boy they dearly wanted. As much as he wanted to leave, he didn't. His mother had told him to be strong; therefore, he shall now disappoint. It was one of many sessions he watched, some being progressively worse while others not so much. However, by the end of the day, when business was closed; the wails of a young boy crying in the soothing and comforting arms of his mother, his mind having enough of the torment of the day.

Within eight months, he would have become numb to his sibling jobs, and the comments from clients directed towards him. The fact they had sex with clients no longer disturbing him. The spoken wanton for his body, slightly less innocent touching, barely rising an action out of him. During these months another emotion began to fester within him - anger.

Only behind closed doors, with his mother, did he allow these emotions to let go. He spilled his heart out to her, telling her how much he hated the clients, and what they did to his sibling. How he wanted to dish out the same amount of pain to the clients as they did to his family. He even admitted, in the deepest crevasse in his mind, he wishes he could kill them.

A normal parent would be appalled by this admission, but not Mayuko. No, instead, she decided to make use of this anger, and direct it towards something useful; like training. Every night, after everyone else had gone to sleep, she would introduce her son into the world she had left behind but never forgotten. She spoke of the heritage flowing through his veins, and the legacy and expectations that came with coming from their family line and being a Guanyin. She told tales of her time as kunoichi of Iwagakure no Sato. How she rose through the ranks, becoming recognized as a skilled medic but even a better interrogator. She spoke fondly about the friends she made and adventures they had. Each night was a different tale, a different experience, as she taught Nanashi what it meant to be a shinobi; what it meant to be a killer.

However, no training would prepare him for his first sexual experience at such a young age. Tanaka, Reizei, a noblewoman, who was speculated to become a part of the Daimyo's court within the following years, grew tired of patiently waiting for the delicious boy to become a full-fledged geisha, and one day asked specifically for him. She got what she wanted, and what occurred within the room would only be known by a select few. However, by the end of it, he was almost broken, and she was left with an obsession for the young man she had conquered.

A dark time for him, thoughts of suicide was constant. But, thanks to the supportive cast of his mother, sibling, and surprisingly some of the other clients, he managed to pull through.

Becoming a full-fledged geisha, having learned how to interact with others to get the desired effect. He took to the job well, even the physical aspects of it. Though it took some help when dealing with Reizei, she frequenting more often and becoming one of his, less than favorable, mains. It's thanks to her introducing new aspects to their skinship that he would later call his own.

This lifestyle continued until the age of fifteen when he decided he wanted to become a shinobi like his mother. Leading up to this decision, which his mother and siblings supportive, he had experienced much in his time at Ochiya. Having befriended many people, those forgotten by the rest of the world, and even became close acquaintances with a few of his clients. While it seems most of these connections were genuine, they were not. Thanks to certain clients who made sure to remind him of his place, he understood the crudest of the world. Thanks to Reizei, who made it her mission to snuff out any girl/woman who showed him more than a passing interest without consequent, he realized what it meant to have power. No, the relationship was made only for his gain; to be used as a disposable source whenever he deemed so.

With the blessing from those he cared about, and a promise to visit, he left the life he knew to begin anew. A rarity among those who knew hard it is to escape said world.

Upon arriving in Hanagakure no Sato, Nanashi quickly made a name for himself much to his own chagrin. His skills in the medical field was unlike anything seen before. Whispers spoke of him being the next legendary medic, someone who is unparalleled in the craft. Though what made him different from all the rest was his focus on the offensive capabilities of the art. He saw the unlimited potential medical ninjutsu had as a taker of lives that greatly exceeded anything any of specialization could do. Toxins, poisons, gases, diseases, virus, all of these things were at Nanashi’s fingertips, and he explored them aggressively.  Though, keeping up with the traditional view of medics, he still study in ways to save lives. He couldn’t call himself a medic if he could not save the lives of others.

By the age of twenty-six, Nanashi had already established himself as the best medic within Hanagakure no Sato, and arguably the Elemental Nations. An S-rank Jounin who was mainly known for his constant use of necrosis, something never seen before, there were some whispers of him becoming the Kage. Nothing came from such rumors though. He did not have any desire in leading a village. Being very much content in being the leading doctor in the major Hospital of Hanagakure no Sato. It was around this time were he met a young woman, his patient at the time, named Kaia-Mai, at the behest of her normal doctor who was busy with other work.

Also instantaneously, a bond was form between the two. The woman telling him secrets that she never told others. Answering concerning questions he had after he took a peek into her medical file. Revelations were revealed to him, and this wouldn’t be the first time Nanashi wanted to kill someone. This time his ire was directed at Kyousuke, the father figure in Kaia-Mai’s life, and someone of infamous. Nanashi could not exactly take action against Kyousuke and his group of misfits due to them wiggling their way into position of power. No, he had to bide his time to strike out against them, so he waited.

While waiting, the relationship between him and Kaia-Mai continue to grow rapidly with each passing day. Nanashi learned much about the woman who he had fallen for and vice-versa. The two shared similar passions and hobbies. One thing Nanashi pushed Kaia-Mai is in training. Though many have sought to be his apprentice, some managing to do so, none had the talent or drive like Kaia-Mai. No one knew about unofficial apprenticeship. Nanashi training and pushing his lover beyond her limits. Some would say his treatment of Kaia-mai doing training was beyond extreme, and it was. He did not deny it. But, he rather such measure being done in a control scenario, where she could learn from her mistakes, than out in the field where mistakes cost one their life. Not all was bad though, he made sure to pamper her and give into all of her demands after such harsh trainings.

Eventually though, because of Kyousuke finally managing to put every member of his group into a position of power, Daremo and Kaia-Mai decided it was time for them to put their plan into action. Their request to go on a training trip was granted by the council; he did not bother in talking to the figurehead. Once outside of the village, the pair continued training and exploring their relationship. It was sometime doing this trip that Nanashi went back to the Dragon Summon’s realm to finish his Dragonic Sage Training. Senjutsu being an art he told no one, except Kaia-Mai, about. He did not need others to know that particular detail about him.

It was also doing this ‘training trip’ the two finally eloped.A fairly large but private affair with Nanashi’s mother, and friends made during his time as a Geisha being present there. Though, Kaia-Mai did not like how some of Nanashi’s former . . . clients were looking at him which led to some interesting interaction. Thankfully, everyone remained civil . . . to an extent; Kaia-Mai did punched a female in the face when she got a little bit ‘grabby’ with Nanashi. While nothing else came up from it. The message was clear; Nanashi belonged to Kaia-Mai.

The pair would eventually return home, back to Hanagakure no Sato, only to see it in ruins. The once beautiful village was no dull, soulless, dark. Kyousuke and his misfits utterly ruined Hanagakure no Sato, allowing crime and other atrocities to run rampant. Needless to say this pissed them both off, with Nanashi nearly exploding when he found out some of his friends’ children died because of Kyousuke and his group stupidity. It took some calming down by his wife to stop him from doing something drastic. With a clear mind, him and Kaia-Mai sparked a rebellion. Rallying those who saw Nanashi as the true Kage and peerless leader, and those who saw him and Kaia-mai as their hope; their light at the end of the tunnel. It took some time before he and Kaia-mai, leading the rebellion, maintained to slay Kyousuke, and hunt down the rest of his group. No one was spared in this assault, Nanashi seeing it as removing a disease from the body, having to get all of it to keep it from spreading.

Afterwards, at the age of twenty-seven, Nanashi was offered the position of kage. Many people had wanted him to become kage before this, but just like those times, he turned it down. But unlike last time, he gave the people a better solution, Kaia-mai. His lover, his wife, his last apprentice, and greatest student, would become kage of Hanagakure no Sato, and he would be her guard.

For the years to come, Nanashi, Kaia-Mai, and rest of the villagers worked hard in rebuilding what was lost. Nanashi, while never being a Kage, knew his way around the political arena well, and it showed when he helped Kaia-mai to get certain bills and laws passed by the council. He worked closely with her in re-establishing and implementing new systems, organizations, etc. into the village. Those who had abandoned the village doing Kyousuke’s terror was pardon and welcome back in. All in all Hanagakure no Sato was experiencing a period they longed for; a period of peace.

However, that is not all, two years into becoming kage, Kaia-mai was pregnant with twins. And, nine-months later, the village welcomed in Ayakashi and Kiyoshi. Loved by the villagers, Nanashi and his wife kept a close eye on their children, putting in numerous of precautions to keep them safe. The pair even had a full-time squad of Anbu, under the ruse of house cleaners, babysitters, etc. watching over the twins at all times.  All in all Nanashi could not been more happier with his life.

RP Sample:
Everything from birds, insects to any other wildlife had long since fled from the immediate area, having sense something amiss, something dangerous coming their way, and they didn't want be a part of whatever it might be. So, instead of waiting to see what cause the easiness within their being, urging them to flee from the vicinity, they, the animals, listened to their instincts and fled without looking back. Wildlife wasn't the only thing affected, no, they very air in the environment had been assaulted as well. Once light and refreshing, the air now hung heavy, being weighed down by an unforeseen force, and felt tainted, a vile venom having been released into the air, corrupting it, as, whatever caused the animals to flee, approaches. The weather didn't play any part of this strange occurrence. It wasn't the work of some thunderstorm or massive supercell. The progenitor wasn't some nature phenomenon caused by nature but rather by a single, ticked-off, individual.

Amazing isn't it? How a single human being was capable of alluding an aura that affected the environment around them to such a degree that animals fled, and the very atmosphere shifted accordingly. To some, mainly civilians, it's unfathomable for a person to be able to do this. It goes against everything that stated Kamis were the only one who could affect the environment. It literally contradicts every text stating, men shall never inherit power that could potentially rival a Kami, crumpling and throwing it into the waste bin. Some of the deities, those who looked at men as nothing but insects, weren't amused either. No puny human, no matter the chakra birthed to them by their ancestors, should be able to having this type of effect on the environment! Such an intimidating presence should only be reserved for them alone! Not some weak, insignificant human! And yet, there was one who had this presence about them. So sickening. . .

Emerging from the forest garbed in a simple grey kimono with matching pants; a black obi around the waist and steel reinforced geta was the one responsible for the phenomenon; Shimizu Nanashi. Yellow, serpentine shaped eyes were eerily calm as they swept across the surrounding area, making sure no one else was in the vicinity. The area itself was quite spacious, being almost as long as a soccer field with a few four to six-meter trees sporadic spreaded about, though not enough to impede one's movement from one side to another. The ground itself was grassy with leaves, branches, and other little foliage here and there.

Sun rays reflected off dew hanging from some of the greenery, giving an indication of it being relatively early in the morning. And there was a light constant breeze blowing from the East.

Having not sensed anyone in the vicinity, Nanashi threw a glance back in the direction he came, ignoring the colorful language and name calling of the individual who had earned his ire, looking into the forest with complete and utter apathy, before turning his attention back to something else. If one would come into the clearing the same way he did, they would approach a grisly sight. Tied around a large tree with ninja wire was a rather chubby, pompous looking, man with brown hair, his limbs were severed, blood pooling on the ground below, flowing out of various blacken wounds, as something akin to necrosis slowly ate away at his life. An almost torturous death slowly coming to an end, the voice waning and then silence.  

"A fitting end for a middleman. . .", Nanashi mused to himself, thinking, only for a moment, about the now deceased man who hired a wannabe assassin to take out the silver-haired Sannin during an errand that he was doing for his mother. If it wasn't for the assassin's loose lips, Nanashi would have never known who hired the hit out on his life; the second one so far.  However, that's a story for another time.

Moving to the center of the forest clearing, Nanashi began prepping for the reason why he ventured out to such unknown parts; disposing of the body was only secondary. Eye watched in rapt attention as a blueish hue covered both of his hands and slowly began taking on a grayish tint. Changing positively charged chakra to negative charged, that's the simple principle behind the Atrophy techniques that Nanashi was known for, albeit not by that particular name. Pestilence's Cloak, the first technique of this kind, was what brought him notoriety during his actions in Hanagakure no Sato, and subsequently led to him gaining the moniker 'Pestilence of Hana'. And it was the performance of the particular jutsu that cause him to divulge deeper into the dark arts

Looking at the grey miasma around each limb, Nanashi began pondering if it was possible to give his body the same effect as the greyish veil, just without it. Could he actually simulate the effects of necrosis in without making it so blatantly oblivious? While there wasn't any problem with how it currently was, people tend to avoid greyish hands, knowing full well of the effects caused by a single touch. Which leads to using it with taijutsu a little bit challenging. So, what if, there was a way to simulate the same effects without the veil? What if, there was a way to create the veil underneath the very first layer skin, giving his touches the ability to cause necrosis? Was it even possible? Such thoughts would have to wait, Nanashi's hands having returned back to normal as he thought he had heard something coming this way.

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Shimuzu Nanashi(finished)
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