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 Kaia~Mai [Character App]

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Kaia~Mai [Character App] ALX4HtQ

Name: Kaia~Mai, Shimizu
Age: 30
Birthdate: December 19th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Demisexual
Clan: Inuzuka
Rank: Hanakage

Village: Hanagakure no Sato

  • Suiton [S-Rank]
  • Fuuton [S-Rank]
  • Ice Release [S-Rank]
  • Demonic Ice Release [S-Rank]


  • Ninjutsu [S-Rank]
  • Taijutsu [S-Rank]
  • Fuuinjutsu [S-Rank]
  • Medical Ninjutsu [S-Rank]
  • Genjutsu [D-Rank]

Special Characteristics:

  • Name: Quick Learner
    Type: Positive
    Description: This individual is very versatile and generally talented. For this reason, he/she learns techniques at an above average rate. When learning a new jutsu, the word count required is reduced by 25%.


Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Pale Blue
General Description: Kaia~Mai is fairly small for the average female, standing at only five feet and four inches tall. Her light tan form is slender, yet athletic; lean muscle more than showing her strength with enough ‘meat’ on her form to give her an hourglass figure and ample ass, as well as a DD cup bust.

Her hair is long, going down right below her buttocks, with shorter pieces framing her face: often worn back in a ponytail with longer strands left loose. Her hair only helps to accentuate her naturally thick black eyelashes and natural beauty. Her lips are naturally pale pink, little to no makeup being added to her usual appearance.

Her typical outfit, despite her Kage position, typically involves a long piece of cloth woven through a strip of leather worn around her neck: the cloth is brought down over her chest enough to cover the majority of her bust before looping around behind her lower back, following the natural curve of her hips. The cloth is then crossed once more in the back before being tied around her waist and left to drop over the left side. Beneath this is worn a pair of black shorts, the pant legs of which go down right to her fingertips. Wrist sleeves cover the training weights worn beneath them, black in color. Black sleeves also cover the weights upon her ankles. Kaia can be found either barefoot or wearing a standard black pair of shinobi sandals.

Her village headband is often worn around the upper portion of her left arm, a pair of goggles up on her forehead or around her neck, and her weapons pouch worn around her right thigh within reach of her dominant (right) hand. Outside of useful, typical items, she doesn’t bother with adorning her body with anything else. That is not to say however, that she doesn’t not have various marks on her form, several of which she actually does: including one that wraps around her entire abdomen, and one behind the back of her right ear, both of which are permanent fuuinjutsu seals that adorn her flesh like jet black tattoos.

About You!
Personality: Kaia~Mai can be seen as somewhat of a firecracker. She’s got a fairly explosive personality which goes hand in hand with her elemental line up and can be hot headed when the need arises; but at the same time it takes a moment to get her there. She can sit and stew on something for days or longer, plotting and formulating the most devious of plans before finally unleashing unholy Hell and fury upon another human being. She can become utterly ruthless and heartless when it comes to vengeance if the reason behind it is one she considers just: and when she sets her mind to it there is usually no curbing her from her task.

Of course, that isn’t to say she’s entirely heartless and mean all the time. In fact, she can have the biggest and sweetest heart in the world, sometimes to the point of being taken advantage of by those who take her kindness and hospitality for granted. She likes to give everyone at least one chance – and sometimes more than one – and to allow them to prove themselves as a decent human being to her regardless of their past history or background. She cares little when it comes to idle gossip and the opinions of others and prefers to go by her own judgment and understanding.

It is often said that Kaia sees the world in gray, rather than in black or white. Every action, every word spoken, has not only a reason but a consequence. What one person would steal just for the rush she knows another might steal for survival, thus she likes to handle each situation as it comes as if it is a new beast to handle – a foreign creature she has not dealt with before, yet while carrying the wisdom of past experiences all the same.

In general though Kaia~Mai is a fairly quiet creature to the point of being considered anti-social: she prefers keeping her distance and simply watching the world around her – preferring to listen rather than speak the majority of the time. She cares only to open her mouth when she actually has something of interest to say, and otherwise just prefers to be kept to her artwork she loves so much and the few friends and loved ones she allows in her inner circle.

History: Kaia~Mai was born on December 19th under the guise of a very nasty winter storm. Her origins beyond that are not quite known, her father having abandoned her mother the moment she had found out she was pregnant. Her mother died hours after giving birth, and Kaia~Mai became a ward of the village. She was sent to one of the many orphanages the village was poorly running, just another face in the crowd of children whose parents had been taken away from war or disease. She was smaller than the other children, having been born slightly early, and was often the brunt of the abuse and taunts of other children. The bullying became so bad that quite often she would run away, or take off all day and hide away within the villages closest library or park. Sometimes though she simply couldn’t get away, and it was during one of these incidents that Kaia~Mai would find herself being adopted. The children were tormenting her something fierce, having her cornered near the iron fence that surrounded the entire yard, just as a high-ranking ninja wandered past named Kyousuke. The mans hardened heart melted slightly as he watched the child attempting to escape, and he couldn’t help but intervene. Her adoption happened not more than a few hours later: Kyousuke unable to get the child out of his mind.

For the next few months of her life Kaia was happy. She was well fed, and well cared for. While her father was often busy between work, helping to manage the village in the current Kage’s absense, and maintaining a relationship, he did manage to spend a considerable amount of time with the child, even going so far as to pull strings so that Kaia~Mai ended up on his squad. Life was grand and glorious for the young ten year old girl, but it couldn’t last forever.

No sooner had this wonderful life of hers started did it come to an end. She awoke one morning to find her father gone, no note, no explanation. Figuring he was simply busy she passed the day along, simply entertaining herself. However, one day quickly turned into a week, and then a week into months. Eventually she began to lose everything around her: she didn’t make enough doing typical D and C ranked missions to sustain the home her father had, nor could she make enough considering her age to afford an apartment. Fearing returning to the orphanage she took what little skills she had gained and turned to the streets. Months of living on the streets, fighting to survive, fighting for food and her basic needs, passed in the blink of an eye. They continued on like that for some time until she ended up running to a man named Ranmaru. Ranmaru had once worked with her father, and had become sort of like an uncle to her - though the man was deranged and utterly out of his mind, as well as a cannibal to boot. He took her under his wing, or rather pelt of fur, so to speak and allowed her to wander the wilderness with him. She passed the next four years with him, fighting to survive, never knowing if or when this man would turn his attention onto her and attempt to eat her. The experience toughened her up while also breaking down her general good spirit.

After a few years she ended up in a nearby water village where she came across her father’s lover, Lee. Lee recognized her despite her condition: wild hair, unkempt, torn clothing, and a serious victim of near starvation. He took her in immediately, going so far as to ensure her sudden disappearance from her home village was taken care of without her getting into any sort of trouble. Once more she found herself well cared for and in a loving home. Despite everything she had gone through she rebound once more into the cheerful and constantly bright child she had once been. She even made several friends, including a strange girl from a clan of undead individuals named Shizuka who ended up becoming her best friend. However, this too was not going to last. A dangerous plot had been hatching in the background and as a means to prove her loyalty Kaia~Mai was brought along on what equated to three S-ranked missions. During the first mission Kaia~Mai’s friend Shizuka, bailed out as she too had been brought along to ‘prove’ her loyalty to the village and found the whole thing far too dangerous and un-nerving. Kaia found herself alone facing mercenaries and assassins she was by no means equipped for and yet she pressed on.

The missions proved difficult for someone of her skill level, and yet she pulled her tasks off properly: so much so that she was ranked to Chuunin almost immediately upon returning home despite being only fourteen years old. The whole ordeal however, including watching her friend defect from the village and abandon her, weighed heavily on her - she became withdrawn and melancholy. This lasted for weeks as more plots and plans were hatched behind the scenes. Soon enough she was being called upon again, this time to follow her new father Lee into an enemy village along with several dozen other shinobi and the Kage of the village they were in. During this she found herself face to face with Kyousuke, the very man who had abandoned her. While they refrained from saying anything to each other at first due to the current situation, they all ended up meeting up again in the end - tears and hugs were exchanged, apologies and excuses given. While things were still somewhat tense, mostly with Lee not fully trusting Kyousuke, Kaia~Mai proved herself loyal and loving once again by willingly and almost instantly forgiving her father entirely.

It was next Lee’s turn to disappear on the poor child, though at least she was capable of moving back to her home village of Hanagakure with her father, Kyousuke. However, he was often busy with the private rebel group he had joined and whom he had abandoned the child for all those years ago. Often times her home was the site of meetings, many secrets revealed in front of the child that she was supposed to add to those she already knew and which she was supposed to take to the grave. In the end Kaia~Mai began spending more and more time away from the home, finding her father to no longer be the man she looked up to but rather a monster - one who seemed to prey on the weak along with the rest of his group of high-powered friends.

More years would pass, her father randomly disappearing and returning numerous times over again, though with Kaia thankfully more than capable of taking care of herself at this point. She focused her mind on training and growing stronger, wanting to make her village proud while ensuring that no one else suffered in life as she did: dedicating herself to helping out at the orphanages and soup kitchens within the village while planning on doing more once in a position to.

When not busy doing that Kaia trained, often times getting hurt during the process. During one of these times she ended up going in for a check-up to end up meeting who would become her future husband: Nanashi Shimizu. Kaia was but 18 at the time, and thought there was a lot of trial and error on her part - her having never been in a relationship before - and quite a lot of blushing the two grew closer and closer with each passing day. Kaia found herself able to disclose more and more to him, all of her deepest and darkest secrets, even those of her father. Her history and past, both what was in her medical file as well as what she told Nanashi herself, only angered him, causing his hatred and disdain towards Kyousuke to grow. In return he showed Kaia was true love was: he showed her how she truly should have been treated. She experienced life as she should have been living it - and in the process Kaia began to change. No longer was she the innocent child who blindly followed orders and directions, who gave her loyalty to her father simply because she thought she should. In fact, she became very much the independant thinker.

The more Kaia’s eyes were opened to the world and the truth around her the most she began to become disgusted by it. She continued to train, pushing on and once more earning herself a new rank: this time to Special Jounin. She used her new rank to continue to help her village, continuing to attempt to better it - helping out at the orphanages,and even the hospital - having been privately training under Nanashi in the medical field.

Despite how hard Kaia was trying to help her village her father ended up pushing the leader of his rebel group into a position of power: it was the tipping point for the young woman and her significant other. Kaia spoke of wanting to travel the world, or rather that was the excuse she gave to everyone else, but the real reason behind everything was her need to train: she wanted to become as strong as possible so that she could better help her village - a plan that was growing more and more within her mind, one which would lead to her becoming the Kage later on of Hangakure no Sato.

While out on this travelling trip Kaia and Nanashi married, their separate lives becoming one: Kaia pouring all of her ultimate trust and loyalty into her husband - the one person she would trust for the rest of her life above all.

After much traveling and much training the pair eventually returned to the village to find it in near ruin. Crime was rampant, the orphanages which had once housed even her herself were closing down from lack of funding, and there were hardly any shinobi around to take the missions there and those whom remained were so overworked they could barely handle the stress. Kaia was enraged as was Nanashi. The pair caused a rebellion within the village: the appearance of two strong individuals causing those who had been without hope for so long to rise up. It took some doing but in the end not only was Kaia’s father slain, but also the Kage. With the Kage slain many rallied around Nanashi taking the hat, they needed a leader and he had the most experience out of the pair, yet he denied it because he had no interest in it. Kaia on the other hand did, and took the offer immediately, stepping up into the position of Hanagakure no Satos Kage with Nanashi at her side as her most trusted bodyguard.

Over the following months 20 year old Kaia did all she could for the village, pouring her very heart and soul into the place. She turned it around one step at a time, getting rid of the crime, fixing up the orphanages, and once more beginning to bring in a steady flow of ryo and trade to the village that it had gone so long without. Within the first year the village was prospering again, shinobi who had abandoned the village under the rule of its previous leader returning once again, fully pardoned, and the annual Cherry Blossom festival that the entire village looked forward to occurring once more, including an event that ninja across the three villages were welcome to attend - a show of peace despite such a hostile takeover.

The festival proved to be successful, and by the next one Kaia had given birth to twins: a girl named Ayakashi and a boy named Kiyoshi. The twins were dotted on and protected as the years passed by both Kaia and Nanashi: Kaia vowing to never allow her children to grow up the way she had, wanting both to know just how very much they were loved while balancing running a village at the same time. All in all it was a busy life, but one she wouldn’t change a thing about: even ten years later after being handed the hat.

RP Sample:
…a slice of life...

With a soft groan the petite female, who once again was tangled up in the various sheets and blankets on the bed, began to stir from her slumber. As she stretched out her small form, her fingertips brushing against the headboard and pushing her pillow out of the way while the tips of her toes reached longingly toward the baseboard of the bed they would never be able to touch at the same time, her eyelids would flutter; thick, full, black eyelashes brushing against freckled cheeks before they would open to reveal the bright blue orbs they once hid. Blinking several times Kaia would stare into the darkness of the bedroom, the curtains which were drawn over the windows so thick they obscured any light from seeping in. The lack of sunlight of the room gave no hint to the time, but knowing how late her and her love had fallen asleep she was betting on it being near at least ten o’clock in the morning.

As she thought about her love she shifted her head in his direction; having been curled up against his side most of the night, wrapped safely in his arms as she slumbered. With a smile gracing her face she would shift on the bed carefully – not wanting to wiggle too much and disturb him of he was still slumbering – so that she could move closer. Once close enough she would plant a gentle kiss on his cheek, her smile growing from such a simple act of love. Just as the idea to simply lay back down and enjoy the quietness of the room and the closeness of the love of her life nearby popped into her head her stomach gave a soft roar: it too was awake, apparently. ”Can’t say I’m surprised with all of the celebrating we did last night...”, Kaia would think to herself as she held in a sigh. If she was hungry then chances were her love was going to wake up hungry too, and while she was all for laying in bed for the next few hours the idea of feeding them both won out.

So, with careful grace Kaia would shift herself up and out of the bed, only realizing as she did so that she was utterly naked. Feeling around on the floor she found her discarded panties and slipped them on before locating a shirt – not her own, but Daremo’s – and putting it on too: the shirt draping her more like a dress, and covered her well enough which was all that mattered for the moment – she would worry about a proper shower later, when their bellies were full. With another glance toward the bed, her eyesight having adjusted enough to the darkness of the room, she stared at the sleeping form of her love for a moment before stepping out into the hallway and closing the bedroom door as silently and softly as possible behind herself. Hoping she hadn’t woken Daremo up – ninja were trained after all not to let their guard down even when sleeping, and she hated the idea of waking him up earlier than he needed to be – she headed first to the bathroom where she relieved her bladder and pulled her hair up in a bun: not bothering to brush it first as she simply cared to have it out of the way.

After washing her hands thoroughly she headed then into the kitchen, the fridge her first target as she stopped before it and pulled it open. She stared at the contents of the fridge for several long seconds before pulling out a tube of biscuits, a carton of eggs, some bacon, and some sausage patties, all of which were laid out on the counter carefully. Heading then over to the stove she turned the oven on so that it could begin to preheat before heading over to the cabinet with the pots and pans in it and pulling three out: one for the bacon, one for the sausage, and one for the eggs – all of which were placed on the stove. Various other items she would need were likewise pulled out until finally Kaia had everything – including seasoning – that she would need. The biscuits were prepared first, the tube popped and opened before she laid them out on the baking sheet where they would remain until the oven beeped that it was hot and ready. She then went through the process of heating up the pans on the stove, adding the bacon and sausage to them afterward, and then the eggs after scrambling and seasoning them.

Turning toward the radio she would flip the switch on, turning the volume down so that it wouldn’t (hopefully) be loud enough to carry to the bedroom: Ed Sheeran ~ Shape of You filling the kitchen along with the sizzles and pops from the food as they began to cook: the oven beeping to indicate it was ready – to which Kaia slid the hot tray inside and turned on the timer for eleven minutes. With everything baking or cooking respectively and feeling in a particularly calm and happy mood – she had just been promoted to special Jounin the day before after all – she picked up the closest spatula which she began to use sort of like a microphone as she began to dance and twirl her way around the kitchen. ”I’m in love with the shape of you. We push and pull like a magnet, too. Although my heart is falling too, I’m in love with your body. And last night you were in my room, and now my bed sheets smell like you. Every day discovering something brand new. I’m in love with your body...”

As Kaia finished the chorus, twirling herself back toward the stove in the process with her usual grace, she paused long enough to begin flipping the bacon and sausage, as well as scrambling the eggs: her hips continuing to sway to the rhythm of the music as she did so.

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Character application is ready for moderation.

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Kaia~Mai [Character App]
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