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 Uzumaki Clan

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Clan: Uzumaki Clan

Location: (Scattered)

Clan History: One of the oldest, and by far one of the most famous clans to ever exist; the Uzumaki have a long and storied history known throughout the world. Once the most prominent clan and founders of the long lost Uzushiogakure, the clan has always been famous for it's abilities with Fuuinjutsu, as well as well as their extremely large pools of chakra and life energy. Uzumaki clansmen are well known for living long past what is considered normal, all while retaining their youth and vigor well into old age. Since the destruction of Uzushiogakure centuries ago; the clan has remained small and scattered through the lands; with members appearing in nearly every regions of the world at one point or another; with a slightly higher concentration in the lands of Konoha historically.

Elements: /

Kekkei Genkai: Spiral Sealing Style, Enhanced Life Force

Kekkei Genkai Description: Members of this clan were very knowledgeable in the art of fūinjutsu, and were both respected, and feared worldwide because of their prodigious skill. Most use a variation of the clan's basic Spiral Seal; however not all members are able to be trained in the specific art for various reasons. The entire clan receives a +2 rank and power to Fuuinjutsu so long it is their primary specialty. If it is their secondary, they receive a +1 to power only.

The clan is also famous for it's extreme vigor and highly developed chakra pools. The clan is born with a larger then average chakra pool; equal to the base of one rank higher then what they current are. A Genin would begin with a base chakra pool of 250; and will increase at the normal amount as they rank up. An S-rank Uzumaki would have 650 base chakra by this system; and they retain the ability to increase their chakra pools via the normal methods allowed to all users.

Drawbacks: Clansmen must have Fuuinjutsu as their primary to receive the +2 boost. They will receive no boost to Fuuinjutsu if it is their 3rd specialty. Cross clanning with Uzumaki requires that you choose ONLY 1 of the clan's enhancements: if you take Fuuinjutsu you will loose the chakra pool enhancement, and vice versa.

Kekkei Genkai Jutsu:

Name: Uzumaki Sealing Technique
Canon/Custom: Canon
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary
Element: /
Range: Close (0-5m)
Specialty: Fuuinjutsu
Duration: /
Cooldown: 4 posts
Description: After forming the necessary hand seals, the user slams their hand on the ground after which a sealing formula, that originates from the user's hand, forming underneath the target. When the seal activates, anything above the inscription is sealed within the formula itself. (Cannot be used to seal players permanently. Any player sealed within this jutsu will automatically be released unharmed after 3 posts unless otherwise stated or specific Admin approval is given. Can be used to seal NPCs for transport during missions/bounties.)

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Uzumaki Clan
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