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 Dojutsu Guidelines

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Dojutsu are any ability that enhance one's eyesight. Dojutsu can be canon or custom; anything from Sharingan, to Mangekyo Sharingan, to Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, to Rinnegan, to a creation of your own. There are rules depending on the Dojutsu you're attempting to get depending on what that Dojutsu is and how powerful it is. If you're creating a Dojutsu of your own then the rules for it will differ case by case depending on the power you're attempting to wield with your custom eyes and how easy it is or isn't to obtain it.

Dojutsu are apped using the Jutsu Template. The more detail you add the more likely you are to be approved. Staff have the right at any time to deny your Dojutsu; especially if there is already a large influx of them on site.

The following are the general rules, and rules for existing Dojutsu.

General Rules

  • Dojutsu can only be approved by site Admin's.
  • Before you can obtain a Dojutsu you must (in the sense of it being custom made, or not currently existing on the site) have the Dojutsu you're attempting to obtain approved before hand by apping it in your Jutsu Registry.
  • Unless stated otherwise please follow all Transplant Guidelines when having a Dojutsu transplanted into you.
  • If you are creating a custom Dojutsu it cannot end up being the same as one that already exists: it must be a custom creation not already on the site under another name.

To gain the Sharingan (1 to 3 tomoe) you must abide by the following rules:

  • Your stressful moment must be caused by an actual character that isn't controlled by you. This could be another PC (Player Character) or the NPC name (NPC played by staff).
  • Once you have had your stressful moment you must link it, including your word count, into your Jutsu Registry and await staff approval. The staff will go over your thread, and if they feel that the stressful moment has been met you will be approved.
  • Each Tomoe must be unlocked separately, and in doing so you must meet specific word requirements (see Uchiha clan page for details).

Mangekyo Sharingan

  • You must have spent 50 RP posts with the individual who is dying to allow you to pop Mangekyo Sharingan; when you go to turn in your Dojutsu "training" you must provide links to where you have spent 50+ posts RPing with this person.
  • The person dying who is granting you Mangekyo Sharingan cannot be a character played by you.
  • You do not need to have 3 Tomoe to be able to unlock Mangekyo Sharingan.

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

  • To successfully obtain Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan you must a medic who is Jounin S with SS rank medical Ninjtutsu to pull it off flawlessly.
  • These eyes can either be traded willingly, or of course by force.


  • The Senju clan member you are using to gain Rinnegan cannot be your own.
  • You must have TWO Jounin S ranked medics with SS rank Medical Ninjutsu to do the procedure. Both of these medics must spend 15,000 words doing the procedure.
  • You must spend either 45,000 words gaining Rinnegan at which time afterward you will have to do a dice roll to see if it is successful, or you must spend 60,000 words gaining Rinnegan in which case you are completely guaranteed success.
  • You cannot use filler or Shadow Clones to decrease your WC.
  • Before you can attempt to get Rinnegan you must have 100 RP posts.
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Dojutsu Guidelines
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