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 Missing-Nin | Criminal Guidelines

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PostSubject: Missing-Nin | Criminal Guidelines   Missing-Nin | Criminal Guidelines EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 9:21 pm

Missing-Nin | Criminal Guidelines

There are specific rules, regulations, and guidelines that those deemed criminals of their village must abide by while role-playing. These can be found listed below: please note that these are subject to change at staff's digression.

  • If you are labeled as “Missing-Nin” you cannot create No-Kill topics. All topics that you enter, even if you didn't create them, automatically become Kill-Enabled as missing-nin are criminals and therefore wanted by authorities.

  • If you are labeled as a criminal please understand that at any moment, no matter how a topic is tagged, village ANBU as well as higher ranked shinobi are able to enter into a thread with you.

  • Unless a criminal comes outright and tells you who they are the only way one character can detect if another is a criminal is if their REA stat is at least +2 tiers higher then the characters rank (the character's actual rank, NOT the rank of that character's REA). Example: If a Missing-Nin is B rank then your character must have a REA stat of B-3 or higher to be able to detect that this character is a criminal. The only exception to this rule is if you are listed in your village's Bingo book – then anyone with access to that information will be able to tell who your character is unless steps have been taken to alter and hide your appearance.

  • Missing-Nin CANNOT use NPC's; such as a medic changing their appearance. Actual Player-Character's must be used.
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Missing-Nin | Criminal Guidelines
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