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 Kage Responsibility Guide

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PostSubject: Kage Responsibility Guide   Kage Responsibility Guide EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 9:20 pm

While the admins/staff of Naruto Odyssey control most of what goes on on the site, the Kages are responsible for their villages as a whole. This means the actions and decisions you make both IC and OOC are of your own consequences.

We, the staff of Naruto Odyssey, are not responsible for any sort of negative reactions caused by decisions made by the Kages of the villages. We will not listen to any complaining, or nagging, dealing with those decisions. Please understand this. If you make a mistake, or cause an issue, then you cannot come to staff expecting them to fix it. You got yourself into the mess, you get yourself out of it.

List of Kage Responsibilities:

  • You are responsible for approving the travel of your villagers. This means that if someone wishes to travel from one village to another it is your duty to approve/deny that request. (If it has been over two days that the request has been standing there then an admin/staff member may step in and approve/deny the request).

  • It is the Kage's responsibility to approve/deny mission requests and to approve missions upon their completion. (If it's been over two days of no activity then an admin/staff member may step in and approve/deny the request).

  • You are responsible for running any mini-events within your village. It is not the staffs responiblity to run the events for you.

  • It is your responsibility to be active! You have taken the position of leader over an entire village, you are expected to be here and to be active to handle the day to day requests. It is not the Ballad staff's responsibility to hunt you down each time someone from your village needs something.

  • Please also take note of Kage travel restrictions. You must alert the Kage/leadership of the village you wish to travel to if you're sending diplomatic envoys or traveling yourselves, via animal messengers or other methods.

  • It is your job as Kage's to set up and maintain squads. It is not the staffs responsibility to make these for you, nor deal with the complaints that come from squad pairings.

  • Please note that you are the main example for the village. This means that you're held to higher standards both IC and OOC. You need to ensure that not only are you following site rules, but that your villages are.
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Kage Responsibility Guide
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