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 Stat System

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Stat System Y5B32x

Stats System

Stats are a simple enough concept. Train one, and it gives you boosts in a certain area. You use them to determine things like who is faster in a fight, modifying how hard you hit, or how fast you can react to a situation. The stats used on this site are as follows:

Speed (SPD)
Strength (STR)
Endurance (END)
Perception (PER)
Chakra Reserve (CHA)

Speed: Physical movement speed/physical attack speed. This also determines how fast you can react to a situation. Does not affect jutsu cast/cooldown times.

Strength: Physical power only. Reflects how hard you hit with your body.

Endurance: How much damage you can take. Higher endurance means that damage dealt to your body is reduced. High rank endurance (B+) reduces chakra enhanced damage (jutsu/any attack that requires chakra).

Perception: How fast you can perceive something. The higher this is, the faster you notice movement, attacks, etc. This stat also affects your ability to sense and respond to hidden traps and Genjutsu effects. NOTE: this stat does NOT affect how fast you can react to something, just your ability to see it. Reaction is tied into the Speed stat.

Chakra Reserve: A way to boost how much chakra you have. Each full rank up grants X additional chakra.

So as you can see, each stat has it's own perks, and each is useful in its own way. Everyone starts at E, with stats that give them abilities equal to that of a normal, untrained human. You have to work to raise them, and in doing so, you gain more power. Stats are separate from ranks, in that stats do NOT rank/level up unless trained, except in cases of special events when free stat points are awarded. However, those will be few and far between, as well as being very small bonuses; so don't hold out for a bunch of free rank ups via events. You'll be waiting a very long time for basically no reward.

Training Stats is simple enough, and done the same way you train anything else on site. Either create a new thread, or use an existing thread that can be used for training; and train away. Make sure to post that you're using the thread/post for training stats, and record your WC so that staff can easily check. Once you've completed the training thread you put the link to it in your Jutsu Registration and bump the topic: please make sure you add in what you're training and how many words you used.

Please understand that there is a limit to what your stats can be trained to depending on your rank:

Genin: Stats can be Trained to C-3
Chuunin: Stats can be Trained to B-3
Special Jounin: Stats can be Trained to A-3
Jounin A-Rank: Stats can be trained to S-3
Jounin S-Rank | Kage: Stats can be Trained to SS-3

New threads used for stat training must be titled as such: "Thread Name" [Stat Training - Stat name (Starting Rank - Finish Rank) WC: X]

When using an existing training thread, you must place the proper notice in the post where you start your training: [Stat Training - Stat name (Starting Rank - Finish Rank) WC: X]. This can either be placed at the top of the post, or at the bottom in the chakra/jutsu/WC spoiler.


[Stat Training - Stat name (Starting Rank - Finish Rank) WC: X]

Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body
Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body
Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body Post body

Post End

WC: xxx


jutsu/item spoiler:

Stat Ranks

Stat Ranks are fairly simple, they follow the basic pattern of normal ranks, however they come with sub-ranks (tiers) that allow for more precise detailing of power. The basic ranking and tier system is as follows:

E: Everyone starts here. This is non-negotiable. No matter what your starting rank or position, you begin at E for all stats. E is equivalent to normal human level ability, with zero special training or skill. You are completely and totally average.
D-Rank: Basic academy student. You've just started your school level training, and you're barely above normal human average.
D-1 Intermediate academy student. You've started training, and you're getting better; but you're nothing special.
D-2 Average Genin. You've graduated from the academy, and you're on your way; however you've got a long way to go.
D-3 Advanced Genin. You've trained, and you've grown, but you're no Chunnin yet.
Total Points: 4

C-Rank: Starting Chunnin. You've got some power, and some experience now.
C-1 Intermediate Chunnin. You're beginning to specialize now, and you've become stronger. You've still got a ways to go.
C-2 Experienced Chuunin. You're really working hard, and you've come far, but you're still not enough to be a Jounin.
C-3 Advanced Chunnin. You've busted your trail and you're nearly powerful and experience enough to hold your own with the weaker Jounin.
Total Points: 4

B-Rank: Basic Special Jounin. You're almost one of the big boys now.
B-1 Intermediate Spec Jounin. You've done your time, you've specialized. Now go work harder.
B-2 Experience Spec Jounin. You're likely a teacher or a guard by now, and ready to attempt to become ANBU or other highly specialized jobs.
B-3 Advanced Spec Jounin. Damn, you're almost a full Jounin. Get back to work!
Total Points: 4

A-Rank: Starting Jounin. You've made it to the big leagues; but now you realize just how weak you really are.
A-1 Inexperienced Jounin. Everything you thought you knew was a lie, time to begin again.
A-2 Intermediate Jounin. Now you're getting it. Welcome to the big boy's club.
A-3 True Jounin. You've busted your butt, and you've made your mark. Good work.
Total Points: 4

S-Rank: Advanced Jounin. You're the senior among the seniors.
S-1 Experienced Jounin. You've mastered your abilities, and you've taken a step out of the shadows and into the sun.
S-2 Perfect Jounin. You're the best of the best, almost. People tell stories of your greatness.
S-3 Legendary Jounin. You're the strongest around, most of the time. You're the Captains of ANBU, the Sannin of your villages. You've come far from that little genin long ago.
Total Points: 4

SS-Rank: Mythic Ninja
SS-1 Senior Sannin/Greenhorn Kage. You're the best in your village, but there's still other leaders with more wisdom and power.
SS-2 Experience Sannin/Kage. You've been the best for a long time now, and everyone knows it.
SS-3 God-Mode. You're a god among men and women. Welcome to the history books, cause they're fawning over you.
Total Points: 4
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Stat System
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