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 Missions Guideline

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PostSubject: Missions Guideline   Missions Guideline EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 9:17 pm

Missions Guideline 200

Missions are a way to not only help rank yourself up but to also earn Ryo. There a few rules that you’ll need to follow to have your mission approved once you’ve finished it.

You  can only take missions that have already been approved, and only missions for your own village. You are allowed to create your own missions via the template below, but you must wait for them to be approved before you can do them. After you have finished the mission template you post your missions in the Missions Creation area and wait for them to get approved.

You do NOT need to ask permission to do a mission. Simple do the mission you wish (in a thread corresponding with the part of the village your mission is in, if specified). When finished with that you post the link to the actual mission itself as well as your WC and Ryo Payment needed in the topic you originally got the mission from.

Minimum word counts are:

  • D: 100 words
  • C: 250 words
  • B: 500 words
  • A: 900 words
  • S: 1,500 words
  • SS: 2,500 words

The payout for missions is as follows:
Missions pay out according to the amount of words you type: 1 word = 1 Ryo. You need to reach at least the base listed above, before your mission will be able to be approved.

Example: You do a D rank mission that comes to 250 words, even though you only need to reach 100 words. You will be paid 250 words, not 100. If a mission lists a ryo/item/etc payment, that is on top of the base payment that is determined by word counts.


  • D: Simple missions. Usually requires you to do something simple such as finding lost pets or items. These missions always take place in your town and are not dangerous.
  • C: Okay, so you got bored doing those easy missions? Understandable. Lets increase the danger rate a little bit and let you take missions that require you to travel somewhere else. Maybe find or deliver something. These missions usually take place in or around your city. These requests might turn out dangerous, probably not.
  • B: Alright, so you got the hang of your skills and you feel as if you can do more. As a good guy you'll probably end up escorting people or defending them from incoming threats. As a bad guy you'll probably end up chasing people and attacking them, perhaps even assassinating them if that's what the mission asks you to do. I won't lie, these requests are dangerous and you could die.
  • A: Travel around, find information, go behind enemy lines, assassinate powerful people or even invade a location. The things I just mentioned is the start of it. Imagine what people could ask you to do? These missions are absolutely dangerous. The risk of dying is high.
  • S: Missions that are difficult to complete. Oh yeah, you've protected that shop and brought the old guy home, good job. Do you think you'd be able to do the same if that old guy was a figure of world importance? Can you or your team do that? I'm pretty sure the person who threatened that figure hired some people some strong mercenaries, are you able to make sure that this figure stays alive and peace is maintained? These requests are put up by mods and are requests of high importance. Back in the days when you failed you were just upset cause you couldn't help out the person or you didn't get a reward. Now, you're a big boy or girl and when you fail, you will most likely die.

Mission name: (What is the name of the mission?)
Mission rank: (What rank is the mission considered? D-SS)
Objective: (What is the mission asking for?)
Location: (Where does the mission take place?)
Reward: (What is the reward for completing this mission?)
Mission description: (The details of the mission IC.)
Mission details: (The details of the mission OOC. Things mentioned here aren't known by the character for they are not written on the mission however this is just to be sure what is going to happen in the mission.)

[b]Mission name:[/b]
[b]Mission rank:[/b]
[b]Objective: [/b]
[b]Mission description:[/b]
[b]Mission details:[/b]

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Missions Guideline
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