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 Combat Guidelines

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Combat Posting
There are several rules and guidelines which must be followed when posting in a combat oriented thread, or attempting to post an attack/defense. These are as follows:

  • Unless you are a Plot Character in a Plot Thread or unless and Admin gives you permission you cannot enter a thread for the purpose of Kill-Enabled combat unless you have 25+ non-OOC posts for that character you wish to use. This means you must have completed at least 25 posts of IC role-playing with that character before you can put that character into a thread for the purpose of combat without permission.
    Side Note: This rule does NOT effect training or agreed upon spars; this is for the soul purpose of actual combat posts/threads. This rule also does not affect those whose Kage has sent them into combat against another character, or a kage who decides to step into combat for the purpose of protecting their own village.
  • When entering into a thread where combat is already present you CANNOT void the posts and claim that you came in before so-and-so action started. Any attack you launch must be done at the END of the person’s last words/actions – though you are allowed to claim that your character saw and heard them.

Jutsu Rules / Chakra Rules
Here is where you can find any rules that directly affect jutsu used in combat-based threads.

  • All jutsu MUST be spoilered properly. This means that the ENTIRE jutsu has to be listed, not just a name or part of it.
  • All chakra deductions must be listed. There is non-negotiable.
  • All jutsu and items used in combat based threads (or any threads) must be approved BEFORE you enter that thread. Anything app'd or approved after cannot be used. This also includes any specialization of element training: if it wasn't approved before the thread started it does not count.
  • If a jutsu is spoilered incorrectly, or not at all, then that jutsu will be voided and it will be as if it were not used. This is non-negotiable.

Item Rules
There are specific rules that must be followed when using items in a combat-based thread.

  • All items must be spoilered properly. This means the ENTIRE item must be shown, not just a name or portion of the item. This also must include somewhere how many of said item you have (such as the case when using Kunai, ect).
  • When entering into a fight as an 'outside party' (Coming into a thread after a fight has already started for the purpose of aiding in the fight) you must list ALL items you wish to use at the beginning of your first post. Anything not listed does not exist.
  • Any item not listed in a spoiler will not be considered there, even if mentioned in a post itself.
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Combat Guidelines
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