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 Death and Item Theft

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PostSubject: Death and Item Theft   Death and Item Theft EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 9:14 pm

Death and Item Theft 200

Death rules

So, you're itching to spill blood eh? Well then, feel free to -attempt-  so long  as you abide by these rules.

1)When can a person be killed?

A person may attack you at anytime in their effort to kill you with very few exceptions. At any place where you post in a thread, you are considered 'In Character' (IC). Like real life, a fight can break out anytime. You're  a ninja. Keep your guard up. If someone came to fight you in real life, they are not going to wait until you are prepared.

2) How can I protect myself from random people attempting to kill me?

There is a simple way to protect yourself from this. Simply title your thread as [No Kill], and you will be protected from death. But be warned, there are fates worse than death. Simply because you cannot be killed does not mean you cannot be maimed. If you do not want a random person joining your thread and maiming you, then you need to title your thread as [Private] or [Invite Only].

3) What about instant death?

lolnosrry. I cannot stress this enough. Unless you remove someone's head from their shoulders, remove thier heart from thier chest, or literally blow/cut them to pieces, instant death will not be allowed. Burning someone to death will take at least three posts, as will electrocution. Death by drowning or suffocation will take five posts or more. Any attempts at instant kills will result in your character being eviscerated, decapitated and burned to ashes by Shishikami. If you do not believe me, try me.

Item theft

Remember that shiny new weapon that you flaunted around your enemies? Remember how you taunted and teased him with it? Well, he remembers... and he hopes that you brought it with  you to the death match.

That's right. Anything you have is up for grabs when you die. Whether it is a rare legendary weapon or the bag of Skittles you just got from the item shop; if these items are not in your locker and are present in the thread at the time of your death, your killer has every right to take them for themselves.

In instances of multiple people in a thread, your killer has one post after your death to claim anything you were carrying as their own.  

If you happen to royally beat someone's ass to the point where they pass out, and you suddenly decide to spare their life (For whatever reason), you will be allowed to take one item from them.
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Death and Item Theft
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