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 Transplant Guidelines

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PostSubject: Transplant Guidelines   Transplant Guidelines EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 9:08 pm

Transplant rules apply to everything from an eye, to a limb, to some sort of mechanical arm (such as a puppets arm) that is being attached to the human body. As with all medical techniques, a transplant is dangerous and there is a chance that your character could die; so please pay attention to the rules listed below.

Anything won in an Event is automatically given a 100% success rate of transplanting, this means there is zero chance that your character will die. You can choose to automatically have the transplant already completed or you may RP it out (there is no needed word count for this that needs met).

For those who are transplanting something not won in an event the following rules apply:
B Rank: 80% chance of success
A Rank: 90% chance of success
S Rank: 100% chance of success
Please note any Medic below B rank cannot preform a transplant, or else you will die.

Please also note that when using an IC Medic a word count of 5,000 words must be met.

Also note that the IC Medic does have a right to charge you a price for the transplant that that character (the one getting the transplant) must pay; you are at their mercy when on their cutting table. You can only get a transplant done by an actual PC medic (this means an actual character that exists on the site) NPC transplants are NOT allowed.

If you are getting a Dojutsu transplanted from a clan you are not a part of all chakra costs are doubled; including maintenance costs.
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Transplant Guidelines
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