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 Defection Guidelines

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PostSubject: Defection Guidelines   Defection Guidelines EmptySun Nov 26, 2017 9:06 pm

Not everyone wants to belong to a village; some people just like playing the bad guy, while others perhaps have some issues with some of their villagers or even their Kage. For those wishing to defect there are a few rules that must be followed.

  • You must have a legitimate in character reason to defect from your village. "They pissed me off in the chatbox" is not a legitimate reason to leave.

  • Before you can defect you must have 25+ in character posts (please note that these do not include jutsu registry / item registry / ect) posts.

  • Staff Approval. Before you can officially becoming a missing-nin you must be approved by staff: bring it to their attention in the Admin Request Thread with links of your characters interactions as well as in character proof as to why you wish to defect.

After you have staff approval you may then proceed to do a travel thread of leaving your village. However, this thread will remain open for twenty-four hours for anyone from your village to enter and attack/kill/apprehend you if they wish. After this twenty-four hour period of time has passed THEN you may proceed to post in the location you traveled to - but you may not post during that twenty-four hour time period!

Special Notes | Rules

  • Please note that becoming a missing-nin paints a target on you. If you're a missing-nin you are liable to be attacked as soon as someone realizes it; and no amount of complaining to staff will stop this - you are a criminal: it works the same as it would in real life, period.

  • Any thread you enter as a missing-nin becomes instantly kill-enabled when it comes to your character even if someone else created the thread and marked it otherwise.

  • Your Kage/Village has every right to come after you!
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Defection Guidelines
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