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 Chakra Beast and Bijuu

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Chakra Beast and Bijuu Rules and Information

There is a very distinct difference between a Chakra Beast and a Bijuu here on Odyssey, and each has its own set of rules and guidelines, as well as a set of regulations that must be followed for anyone attempting to procure one of these creatures.

There are a few rules in general that everyone wishing to have one of these creatures sealed into them must be made aware of.

  • The availability of beasts is up to the members of Odyssey staff: this means that ultimately it is up to them to decide how many beasts will be allowed, and how often those beasts will be made available to the general public. Arguing with staff will not change the staffs decision over this; it may ultimately cause them to say no.
  • Having a beast sealed inside of you must be preformed by a PLAYER CHARACTER who has Fuuinjutsu of at LEAST your beasts rank or higher. Side note: You must find out IN CHARACTER that this person can seal the beast in you, OOC negotiations, IE Meta Gaming, is not allowed.
  • Just because you created a beast does not mean it is exclusive to you; the moment a beast has been created and approved it CAN be stolen and sealed into someone else if they do the work before you do.
  • Having a beast removed, either willing or by force, will result in the death of the character it had been sealed in (the beast will not die, only its human host).
  • You CANNOT start out with a beast sealed inside of you, nor can you start out with one in your history.

Chakra Beasts

Chakra beasts are normally mythical creatures who have their own set of unique and distinct abilities which are not quite on par with a bijuu and yet which are powerful in their own right. Chakra beasts can range from powerful real world creatures such as wolves to mythical creatures such as dragons. If you're attempting to create one of these creatures then there are a few things you must be informed of before beginning.

  • Chakra beasts are automatically S-Rank. They do not go up to SS-Rank.
  • Each chakra beast can start off with 2 Special Characteristics.
  • Each chakra beast can only start off with 2 jutsu (they can have 10 jutsu in total, but only ONE jutsu out of all ten can be S-Rank, the rest MUST be A rank or lower).
  • All beasts must follow the same SC and Jutsu rules as actual characters: this means that if your chakra beast has an ability that requires ninjutsu and yet you yourself do not have ninjutsu then you cannot have the ability/beast until you meet all of the requirements).
  • You cannot have SC's or Jutsu listed on your beast that you cannot use yet; this is a absolute no. You may add these abilities and SC's later once you've had a chance to train them, but otherwise they cannot be listed until the requirements are met.

Once your chakra beast has covered all of the above mentioned requirements then you may begin to app it and start the modding process. However, before a beast will be allowed to be sealed within you there are a few additional requirements you must meet.

  • You must have had your character approved for over a 1 IRL week.
  • You must have at least 50 RP posts on the character you're wishing to have the beast sealed into. Please note that this does not meant 50+ posts in general, but 50 actual IC character interaction posts of decent length (to be determined by staff).
  • When you're ready to seal the chakra beast within you you must go through a process of finding and taming/forcefully sealing the beast which must be 3,000 words or longer. The person who is sealing the beast inside of you does not need to meet the word requirement, only the individual in whom the beast is being sealed.


Bijuu are exceptionally more powerful than chakra beasts. They can range from mythical creatures, to monsters only seen in the most horrific of nightmares. They are the most powerful creature-based beings in the world with powers to match. If you're wanting to create one of these creatures then there are a few rules you must be made aware of.

  • Bijuu are plot only. This means that the character they are being sealed into will more than likely die at the end of plot, or will have to be retired.
  • Bijuu availability/release/creation are up to staff. Do not pester them for bijuu, as it will only result in you receiving a permanent no.
  • Bijuu are SS ranked beasts.
  • Bijuu are able to start off with 4 SC's, and may learn additional ones through a training process after being sealed.
  • Bijuu can start off with 4 Jutsu. They can have twelve jutsu in total, however only one of those may be SS, and only two of those may be S, the rest MUST be A rank or lower.
  • Bijuu can have abilities and jutsu that your character doesn't have access to, however for those abilities to work you must be in a partial or full bijuu mode state.

At the moment Bijuu are completely locked down. When staff is willing to release them to the general public these rules will be updated to reflect what needs to be done to be available to have one of these creatures sealed within you.

These rules are subject to change without notice at the staffs choice; please look back often for updates.
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Chakra Beast and Bijuu
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